THE JOURNEY by Ivett Jackson is a very show-and-tell-my-story-book with much grace and mercy.

It is as beautifully written as Ivett Jackson is beautiful and both are the epitome of God’s grace in victory when we hold on.

Ivett brings the Jamaican culture to THE JOURNEY that many, many international women know too well, but cannot prevail against the strongholds of a rough beginning. ┬áThis is why the last chapter, ‘Betrayal,’ is the first revelation, because, despite a difficult journey that ended with pain, Ivett Jackson turns it around and gives God all the glory by ministering to underprivileged women and children for Christmas.

A simple act that is a powerful message that God’s grace really is sufficient when we are weak and sowing reaps a mighty harvest of love. Love is the true commandment that we must aspire to and THE JOURNEY, although hurtful with childhood rape by a stepfather, the quest to do better in a foreign country, and an adulterous marriage, can keep many women last, Ivett demonstrates we also can end first.

Another sisterly beauty in THE JOURNEY is the teaching aspect of two cultures that reveal women all around the world can overcome oppression and live victoriously with God’s healing graces and mercies.

This is an excellent book to minister to women and men with childhood scars on a peaceful day and calms an evening storm of hurtful memories of youth. It will likewise do wonders for men to learn the need to correct generational sins of sexual assaults and sexual molestations against our little sisters around the world.

Reviewed by Swaggie Coleman for The RAWSISTAZ(TM) Reviewers

Ivett Jackson/Celeste Duckworth