Hanging Out with Barbara!

Hanging Out with Barbara!

Berry has written two murder mysteries using Boston, Massachusetts as the backdrop. COLD CRAZY is a story of a young beautiful nurse who has been brutally and senselessly murdered. COLD SERIAL is about a serial killer who is terrorizing young women. Both titles are currently being published by Vigilante Publishing Group LLC.


Although Ms. Berry prefers to write about murder, her first book, EVEN NUMBERS is a story of a young girl who was molested by her father and then ultimately raised by him. She would like to keep the subject of child molestation and child rape in the forefront of our minds.


Ms. Berry’s style is ever evolving, allowing her to test her writing skills in different genres. Her newest release is a fiction novel with an exciting historical flavor. CLOTHESLINE BLUES is based on the Black Movement during the sixties at the time of Bloody Sunday. The story is an important one with several layers, including murder in the background of an extremely tumultuous time in American history.


Short Synopsis of Clothesline Blues – When Hilda’s love for Frank wanes and finally fades into dust, she becomes desperate to get rid of him, but she can think of only one way to escape the brute of a man. She devises a plan and with the help of her best friend Pearl, they pull off the impossible. In 1965, on the fringes of the Jim Crow days and the building tension of Bloody Sunday swirling around in the background, their world is turned upside down as secrets, lies and even murder fall out, threatening their very lives. Will these two women find the peace they so desperately seek?

Hear an excerpt from the Book read by Author Barbara B Berry while a featured guest on A Taste Of Ink LIVE Radio.


She is currently at work on an exciting new novel that will broaden her writing skills in yet another genre.   Barbara resides in Florida where she writes full-time while enjoying the sunshine and ocean views.

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