Carlito Muhammad’s Universal Justice

Carlito Muhammad’s Universal Justice

Born to parents Charles and Dorothy Forrest under the name Charles  Kevin Forrest. A true native of New York City. Living the Blessed life from a hard-working father and a very supportive mother Charles took on a unique personality. A very good student while in school Charles along with many peers grabbed a hold to the street as many of our youth do. At an early age of 14, Charles got into the music industry.

Not letting go of the streets, Charles romanced drugs, crime, and violence. A combination that led to a 26-year drug addiction. While in the music business Charles change his name after finding Islam to Charles Muhammad. Later at his Grandmothers Deathbed, she said that she wanted me to continue to carry her husbands name Charles’ Grandfather Carlito. So bringing him this title of Carlito Muhammad.

Carlito got married and started a wonderful family, moving away from the streets of New York to the south. Carlito was known as a dynamic D.J. working with groups such as Public Enemy, Biz Markie, Run D-M-C, KRS 1, and a host of other original Hip- Hop Giants.

In 1999 Carlito moved to Atlanta GA., expanded his experience, and formed Majestic Soundz, a music consultant company. This company also included artist management, artist development, and business management.

Majestic Soundz has also been blessed to place clients in major movies. “Fighting Temptations” with Beyoncé of Destiny’s Child, “Bring it On” with Gabrielle Union and “ATL” starring rap artist TI, are just a few.

Concerts are no stranger to Majestic Soundz, having put an artist on tour as an opening act for B2K, BOW-WOW, MONICA, and PUFF DADDY just to name a few.  Majestic Soundz has put together a team of well-seasoned personnel dedicated to helping artists that have what it takes to not only get to the top of their game but to stay on top their game by way of the Majestic Soundz Marketing Team.

All of these Blessings, however, were one by one taken away from Carlito. All but his physical life was taken away. That is why Carlito is so grateful to the Almighty for every day of life…. Giving Him One  More Chance to Get it Right!!!!…..

Since then Carlitos’ road to recovery has been a little bumpy but he’s grateful to be back on the road. Now he has taken his story to many places giving seminars, helping the youth in trouble, and the ever-growing Homeless problems around the world…

I think it’s extremely important that society be reminded that when it comes to the discussion of drugs and crime, the majority of Black Americans are law abiding citizens–just as the majority of Whites, Asians, Latinos, etc. are law abiding citizens.  That said, our urban Black youth are in trouble. A sizeable percentage of them have no prospect for a good education, gainful employment, societal contributions … or even hope. Obviously, this leads to drugs, crime, and punishment. One of the key problems with this phenomenon is that the criminal justice systems across the country have been functioning to warehouse these young people instead of educating, rehabilitating, and preparing them for functioning within society.

I find it interesting that those folks who constantly speak about the need for us to stop being hyphenated-Americans, conveniently dismiss Black crime and punishment as a “Black” problem, and not an “American” problem. So, since we’re on our own, I suggest to my fellow Black men and Woman that we focus harder on keeping our young people out of the criminal justice system that we already know is unfair, rather than focusing on how unfair the system is.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Our playing small does not serve the world. We are all meant to shine as All Gods children do. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in us all. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously release others to do the same.

To ALL of my Brothers and Sisters seeking Righteousness. Be you Muslim, Christain, 5% Nation, Freedom Fighters, Masons… let us STOP fighting amongst ourselves about the differences we have in our Beliefs…Lets’ All focus on the One thing we ALL have in Common which is Satan, the Devil, Ibliss, that’s in full force on us all.

Especially our children. When we look into our communities we see Chaos that is not only the destruction of our communities but to our Direct Families and most of all GOD’S FAMILY. Drugs, crime, child abuse, spousal abuse… are all direct descendants of Greed, Envy, and Jealousy. We ALL could overcome this together if we place our energies on defeating this Devil TOGETHER.

When we put our energies and focus on our minor differences we allow the Devil to slip in and continue to cause havoc and mayhem. An action that he has been doing since his birth. When we come together as one Army, on the sole mission of defeating him, then he will not have a chance of survival at all. I say Stay true to your personal beliefs but Let us come together as one Army with different divisions and defeat that common enemy that we all share. The Devil. I challenge us all to unite in that one cause… Be Brave enough to accept the challenge.

The easiest and perhaps the only way to facilitate change is by allowing yourself to be influenced by a higher level of consciousness.

Think about it… Isn’t this what you end up doing every single day? One thought after another is trying to influence you every single day. An inspiring thought within you can banish fear inside of you only if you allow it to … A feel-good energy within you can replace doubt and anxiety within you only if you allow it to…

Try to change your current circumstances right now this moment…You will struggle.. Why.?.. Because you are attempting to bring about a radical change in your current circumstances using the power of your own thinking…. The fact is our current thinking represents our current circumstances and it cannot help us to achieve our goals and dreams… This is the biggest problem.. You break your head… you work hard you put in all efforts and nothing happens.

The reason is very simple … It is not our fault… We have not understood the law of change…

The Greatest Law of change is simply “Uplift your level of Consciousness and EVERYTHING will fall into Place”.

All praises are Due to Almighty God to whom I call Allah… Without him, I would be nothing. With Him, I know that there is nothing that I could do as long as he wishes it to be….Thanks Allah

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