What makes Steven an authority of crankiness… Law School!

Get ready to embrace your inner curmudgeon with crankiness expert Steven Joseph. In his award-winning masterpiece “A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The CrankaTsuris Method,” we learned how to navigate and celebrate our grouchy moments. Now, in “Cranky Superpowers: Life Lessons Learned from the Common CrankaTsuris Chronicles,” our journey to mastering our moodiness takes a humorous twist that is guaranteed to have you chuckling out loud.

Peppered with captivating tales, both fresh and familiar, “Cranky Superpowers” unveils the often-missed hilarity in our everyday grumbles and groans. But it’s not all laughter—this witty guide offers priceless insights into our hidden “Cranky Superpowers,” powers that when harnessed correctly, can ignite a more understanding, patient, and positively cranky version of ourselves.

Cranky Superpowers” is a rollicking journey of self-discovery, one that not only entertains but enlightens. So, put on your favorite cape and tights, and get ready to unlock your potential, unleash your better self, and find a little bit of humor in the perfectly imperfect art of being human.

Steven Joseph – a first-generation American, son of a Holocaust survivor, masterful attorney, seasoned negotiator, engaging speaker, award-winning author, and indefatigable marathon runner. Steven doesn’t claim to know it all, but he has certainly mastered one thing: the art of effective crankiness.

In his latest book, Cranky Superpowers: Life Lessons Learned from the Common CrankaTsuris Chronicles, Steven dives into the quirky, unexpected, and absolutely normal aspects of life that get under our skin. With wit as quick as his marathon pace, Steven serves up life wisdom that is as hilarious as it is profound. He invites readers to embrace the power of their inner ‘CrankaTsuris’ and use it to their advantage.


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