Author Mirthell Bayliss Takes it from the Backburner

Author Mirthell Bayliss Takes it from the Backburner

An extraordinary gift of writing…

MIRTHELL BAYLISS-BAZEMORE was born June 19th,  After graduating from Castlemont High School; she immediately began her career in banking while attending Heald Business College. Growing up in a Christian home, Mirthell is no stranger to hard work, as she is goal oriented and proud of her family heritage as entrepreneurs. Amongst a few, her role model is her aunt Dorothy Rambo which was the first black female to graduate from Texas A&M College, taught at Wiley College and business owner of Rambo Funeral Home, in Marshall Texas.

With the extraordinary gift of writing, she published her first fictitious novel; If I Die You Die, to be followed by The Ugly Side of Beauty in 2006 and 2007, this launching her career as a writer. Over the course of a decade of publishing, she has completed four more novels which three includes the trilogy.  The House of Elliott Series and her new release On the backburner and The Daughter’s & Spirit of Harriet, which is a compilation of accomplished women and men nationwide, to be honored for their roles in their churches, communities or as entrepreneurs, in memory of the late Harriet Tubman, Nelson Mandela & Thomas Garrett. Proceeds from this book and because of her love for children are donated to Oakland’s Children Hospital Foundations.

As an affiliate of AuthorHouse Publishing, she has now taken on the task of helping and encouraging other writers, not only by words but by example, creating a nationwide network and marketing to assist other authors and writers.

With her recent launch of On the Backburner, she will be going on a nationwide tour to promote both books. Most recently Mirthell is currently working on another nationwide book entitled Precious Is My Child, which is an Anti-Bullying Awareness book, dedicated to the late Martin Luther Cobb, which proceeds will go to the Atlanta Children Foundations.

Although Mirthell books are suited for film, television, and theater, her career continues to be full of possibilities; a fact which delights her fan base which is her biggest joy of all in addition to helping others.

“Making A Difference, One Book At A Time” Mirthell Bayliss Bazemore, 1964 in Oakland, California (The Bay Area). The Charities American Heart Association for Union Bank 2012 & 2013 Book donations: Oakland’s Children Hospital & Atlanta Children Foundations

Future Goals: To launch her business: Lee E Bayliss Publishing Consultant – January 2015 Mirthell Bayliss Foundations for Children 2014 Eastern Tour:



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