My bedroom window seems to be a thin glass of fear, just like at the zoo, that’s the only thing that separates me from the animals.

They are like enraged savages beating their chests, they attack each other for grounds to become dominant, they roam the streets searching for prey with different colors to claim and bang, just like lions and wolves in packs, snarling and grunting for their habitat.

As they continue their rumble, their bullets shatter glass into sharp pieces of reality, that always reminds me how danger isn’t so easily to hide from,

All I can do is stand here, behind this glass, my bedroom window, where I become lost in that image of brutal attacks that cause shattering glass, tattooed on my mind and smell the burning of gun smoke that washes over my face.

I used to be scared of those animals, I’m not scared as much now,

Cuz I’m a witness of mawlings just like this.

But most of all – I become angered, I can feel the monster, my own animal inside

Rippling its way through.

Ready to take the whole jungle on my own, Trust me, my bite, is worse than my bark. Cuz we all behold a lurking animal, at any given time

to be unleashed for feeding on the world.

Them stray animals feed raw corrupted influences.  Faster than the cheetah can submit his prey, but I feed on them and the mistakes they make, which make me grow mightier than the king of the jungle,

cuz becoming a animal only leads to two fates, either be devoured by your own habitat, or spend life locked away in a cage like a lion at the zoo, stuck behind cold steel bars, pacing back and forth on pale concrete, where you dig marking into the walls, leaving tally marks to count out the days.

That’s why I evolved into a better creature, by taming this animal for better causes by not breaking the glass that keeps me contained, harnessing back my pain, fear, and anger, to restrain me cuz I’m foaming at the mouth, but still the glass remains thin and always stands in front of me, just like at the zoo,

to keep the animal, from running stray.

Gilbert Mesa III

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