A Taste Of Ink with Konni Granma

A Taste Of Ink with Konni Granma

Los Angeles brims with creative souls who dream of being screenwriters, directors, actors, models, animators, designers, celebrities, thespians and more. People from around the world are drawn here, it’s a special place. People in LA are drawn to one another, they collaborate and work together on projects like films and plays and shows and books. They feed off each other’s energy and produce a large portion of the entertainment delivered to the entire world.

Why this city? Who are these people and what is the magical pull that Los Angeles has for people near and far?

Konni Granma is someone who not only dreams of Hollywood, she writes about it, too. Her unique perspective along with her brilliant imagination and exquisite storytelling skills gives us the amazing book: The Lonely Hearts Bar. – Excerpt from Books That Make You!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Konni Granma on a Taste Of Ink LIVE about her book, “Lonely Hearts Bar!”  Enjoy!



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Lonely Hearts Bar

With high hopes of conquering Hollywood, the novel’s main character goes to Los Angeles to study directing and screenwriting. On the way, she ends up at a roadside bar that uncannily links the destinies of the main characters, who had given up everything to follow their dreams. What’s in store for the young rebels in Los Angeles? Does your dream have another side, one that’s just as enigmatic and invisible as the far side of the Moon?  Available at GoodReads.

Lonely Hearts Bar

Lonely Hearts Bar

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