Authors, Thank you

Thank you for writing for VERTIKAL LIFE Magazine. All articles should reflect the Vision and the Mission of VERTIKAL LIFE Magazine. VERTIKAL LIFE MAGAZINE is a Global Movement of Positive Energy; our Mission is to “Uplift, Educate, and Inspire Change, our Local Neighborhood for the betterment of our Global Community.” Our focus is to introduce creative and innovative individuals who are trendsetters through articles with a strong emphasis on photojournalism as well. We want our readers to feel inspired and motivated, and our articles must truly generate a cosmopolitan, non-gender specific, and have a culturally and ethnically diverse feel to our readers.

Writing for VERTIKAL LIFE Magazine

The VERTIKAL LIFE Magazine website is powered by the WordPress content management system. This popular system allows us to author content, edit and publish it and manage the roles, permissions and access associated with the content. All submissions are made directly in WordPress.

  • Administrators look maintain and enhance the application
  • Editors can create, edit and publish any article but will only be editing and publishing
  • Authors create article and can edit the articles they create

12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. At the top of the first page, include the following:
• article title
• author’s name
• address and daytime phone number
• e-mail address and/or fax number
• date
• approximate word count
Current-events articles and articles with appropriate photos or artwork get top priority in our processing procedure.

Adding your article /Add your content to WordPress

The process is really simple

  • Log into VK WordPress with the details we have given you
  • Go to Posts > Add a new post
  • You can see the editor. Add your title
  • Add you text content to the post either by tping it in or by copying and pasting it, making sure that you paste only without formatting to avoid importing incmpatible formatting
  • Add image content to the post. Post Images can be uploaded through the add media button on the editor
  • Add your feature image, that is the one image that represents and will showcase your whole post
  • Choose a relevant category: Our VERTIKAL Life Magazine menu showcases all the categories we cover.
  • When you are done authoring, please set your post to pending review. This will alert the editor that the post is ready to be edited/proofread and published.

Ground rules, guidelines and tips

Textual content

No articles will be published or accepted that contain rude, illegal, …. material. Anything such encountered will incur a warning to the author and 3 warnings will mean leave.


VERTIKAL LIFE Magazine believes that each story is enhanced by photos of its subjects and characters, which help draw in the readers. Articles submitted with appropriate pictures (or for which pictures are available) receive the highest priority. We will be happy to accept digital photos for articles and have prepared these guidelines to help you provide us images of the best quality.


• Images can be uploaded through the add media button on the editor
• Digital photos need to be uncompressed, high-resolution PNG files, JPEG files (.jpg) or TIFF (.tiff) files.
• The minimum file size that will be accepted is 600 x 900 pixels (two inches by three inches, at a resolution of 300/72 dpi [dots per inch]). We prefer images of 2240 x 1680 pixels or higher.


There is no need to format the content as you are putting your content into an existing template. However, please make sure not to copy paste directly from programmes like Word into WordPress as it carries over proprietary formatting that does not work consistently across browsers. You can copy-paste content from programmes like Word into NotePad which will strip its formatting the copy-paste that content from NotePad into the WordPress editor.


Every article should have a title, and be structured into 3 or more headings depending on the overall length of the content. Each section headed by a paragraph should have no longer than 800 words.


As you log into WordPress and create your post, your author credentials are automatically associated with your article. Just make sure that your gravatar / details are always up-to-date. The reason for choosing gravatar/ is that it is neutral enough from vertikal Life Magazine that you can use it across your sites to showcase your portfolio.


The date is automatically put in but you can change this in your article either to backdate or to schedule a post.

Draft, Pending review and other article statuses

While you are working on your article, make sure you regularly save it as a draft. When you are ready for it to be published, change its status to Submit for Review. As an author, you will not be able to publish an article, only the editors can. So make sure that your article is saved with the right status so that the editors can be alerted when an article requires reviewing. When the article is submitted, you will be able to submit


• Specific club affiliation, except in the How I’m Doing It department.
• Although we expect you to do your own fact checking and get approvals from your quoted sources, we like to have their contact info just in case major changes occur and we need a new quote, clarification on a certain point, to get a second round of approval, etc. If they don’t have email, note that and provide a fax number instead.
• Please supply (at the bottom of your finished article) a list of all your significant references (quoted individuals as well as referenced books, Web sites, etc.), along with contact info and/or bibliographic info as appropriate. The more specific you can be the better. For example, when citing a study, provide as a backup the exact URL where you found it.
• If you quote a book or magazine, we need the complete title, author, publisher, and year and page number info (although we won’t actually print all that as part of the reference, it’s good to have). If you quote a person, we need name, title, organization or company, phone, email, address, etc. The more thorough and meticulous you can be about all this, the better. Seems like a minor detail, but it takes ages to track down if we have to do it later.


We take them seriously. We are working on very tight editorial turnarounds, and if you are late getting us your copy, our job very quickly becomes a real issue. The current submissions theme and the deadline will be available via Asana


Depending on how things look, we may do one or two rounds of changes with you (meaning we may ask you to make changes or fill in holes and resubmit) and/or we may do additional copy changes on this end.  If we’ve asked you to make substantive changes and don’t see them adequately handled in your rewrite (and particularly if we don’t have time to send the piece back to you again) we may “have at” your piece. Whenever possible, we strive to retain your original structure, content, and tone. We do, however, reserve the right to make sweeping changes if we see them as necessary. And sometimes we do. Please don’t take these changes personally. We frequently add and delete whole sidebars, chunks, subheads, blurbs, captions, etc. We may rework quotes. We may cut or add copy. In other words, we may edit.


You will generally have an opportunity to review an article at least once (and occasionally twice) before it gets published. During this review, we ask that you do your final round of fact checking, confirm quotes (particularly tweaked quotes), triple-check name and company spellings, book titles, Web addresses, etc. We also want to make sure you are happy with the piece overall. If you aren’t, please let us know so we can work it out.


All feature articles get bylined. Some (but not all) departments get bylined, too. It just depends on room, content, etc. If you feel strongly about being bylined (or not being bylined) for a particular piece, particularly one that has been heavily edited, please let us know.


Last Thoughts

When in doubt about anything, ask. Always, always feel free to call or email with questions or if we can be of help in any way. Okay. That is about it. Thanks for taking the time to read this. We’re delighted to be working with you. Happy writing!