Toy Honey

Toy Honey

A Poet and Aspiring Author…

My name is Toy Honey, I’m a poet and aspiring to be an author. I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager. I was introduced to music before poetry while I was a member in the high school choir and church choir, being a singer was my ultimate dream. Before I got back into writing poetry I would write erotica and romantic short stories. Fellow poet, Joski the poet, encouraged me to get back into poetry and ever since my pen has been busy.

The first show I showcased my work on is called The Artist Lounge hosted by Jill Delbridge, then not too soon afterward I was offered the chance to host  Vertikal Bistro/Cafe along with Norman Anderson and Janet Dawson. My experience being a host has not only humbled me as a person but has also helped me to educate myself on topics in life that people won’t talk about. In my future, I will be self-publishing my first book and I hope to continue to grow as a writer and a poet.

All I  Ask

All I ask is that you

Love me

Trust me

Let me inside of

Your world

Hold me

Feel all the love

I have inside me

Tell me it’s not too late

For me

For us

To walk hand in hand

On the path of eternity

All I ask is that you

Hold me tight

Assure me everything

Will be alright

Tell me that passion for me

Still burns deep down inside you

All I ask is that you

Be honest

My heart can’t take any more deceit

Kiss me

I hope that your kiss is assuring me

Of what I want and need to know

All I ask is that you

Love me

Trust me with your heart

Like I’ve trusted you with mine

Assure me

You’ll do your best to

Never break it

To love forever is our dream

Let’s work together to strive it

Don’t give up on us

No matter what

To wake up beside you daily

Would be paradise

All I ask is that you

Love me

© Toyhoney 2012

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