Baby, you asked me…

So what do you want for Christmas?

Yes on my list was…


Given to a charity

In our hearts to find

Open eyes to see

There are so many people

Losing their homes

Looking towards the church steeples

I don’t want them to think they are alone

There is a need for formula n diapers

Most charities make more than 50% this time of year

Most families won’t get help have you heard

Afraid of losing their children is the word

But they are not making their quotas they do fear

Food banks are empty already

Resources are falling

My heart is heavy

And they are calling

For time, money and blankets n food

Now I haven’t got but few dollars to spare

But I have become quite aware

What I able to give I will

So do something for the people less fortunate than I

As I shed a tear from my eye

Lest we forget our fellowman kind

Lost is the Christmas spirit we will find

I give what I can in love

Deep within my heart

Sorting through my ample closets

Digging deep in my pockets

I will go without my Lattes

n frappes

Find a blanket or two

As a family, we are giving time too

The local soup kitchen next week

Props is not what we seek

Showing the children there are people with less fortunate

Than us

A lesson in life we must

See I don’t want anything where cost is monetary

I am very very

Happy with time served to giving back

A handmade gift a handmade card

Something made from the heart

No fancy diamonds, no perfume

No chocolate truffles or flower blooms

I am a simple girl

Living in a trying world

No name brands tickle my fancy

T-shirts n jeans is who I be

I don’t do bling

A song to sing for me


Write me a poem drop me a line

This is my hearts re-design

Give the gift of giving

Of a family to help living

That they made it through another day

Maybe to stranger, kind words we say

I guess I was wrong I do want a lot

I want love to reign and war to stop

But the Divine has a plan set in motion

I will stick to my daily devotion

For really He is the reason for the Season

And I guess in others I still believe

I know I can’t be wrong look at the folks in my poetic family

The gift that keeps giving is a never ending well

So Merry Christmas 2 all

Happiness and joy may it bring

May the New Year dawn blessed and bright

Always pray for the early light

Much love to you from me n mine

And please remember the gift of time!

By Pocohantus ~Mel B.

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