The Most Notorious Cattle Rustler and Jon Armour

The Most Notorious Cattle Rustler and Jon Armour

Bob Harold Leach, aka “The Most Notorious Cattle Rustler of Our Time…

The true-life events and crazy antics of cowboy Bob Harold Leach, also known as “The Most Notorious Cattle Rustler of Our Time,” and the nicest man you’ll ever meet, are shown in the movie Branded. a guy who is accused of managing millions of dollars in illicit funds, the majority of which is thought to be hidden under his ranch in north Texas in 55-gallon drums. 19 stabbings, tainted hamburgers, prison tear gas attacks, and being thrown over a third-story railing while incarcerated are among the things he has overcome. Undoubtedly a tough hombre. But he was also a man who was excessively kind, frequently bestowing presents and financial assistance on people he knew.

From his early aspirations of managing cattle herds, acquiring a ranch to call his own, and marrying the girl of his dreams, Bob’s journey through life leads him to a life of stealing cattle, using other men’s ranches to do it, and making out with every woman that came across his way. But when Bob gets involved with the notorious Diamond Jim, he is permanently “branded” with Diamond Jim’s mark, just like a steer. He is grudgingly forced into a never-ending string of crimes, including kidnapping, rape, stealing animal medicines, cattle rustling, drug dealing, fraud, porn, and a host of other atrocities that put the “ordinary criminal” to shame.


Texan Jon Armour developed his passion for writing as a young student in middle school under the encouragement of his English teacher, Ms. Susan Smallridge. Her attention and prodding to attain witty and descriptive prose in his subject matter bled over into every area of Jon’s life. He is a jack of all trades: carpenter, cook, electrician, plumber, builder, designer, welder, cheesemaker, home brewer, project manager, IT professional, husband, father, and author. But aside from this vast array of interests and roles, he has come back to applying his creativity to writing, a first love that was side-tracked by life’s busy schedules and bustling activities. Jon’s once-blank pages are now overflowing with creative splatter transcending across scenes of crime, love, sex, humor, and other varied emotional conditions of human existence. Jon captures the essence of raw life and true grit in his subjects. From his recent work, Branded, to his future endeavors, readers are sure to be entertained by his wit and style depicting colorful evocative vignettes that take the reader deep into this story based on a real live cattle rustler. Jon lives in Magnolia (near Houston), Texas, with his wife Karen.

A Taste of Ink LIVE had a wonderful opportunity to interview Jon Amour and hear more about Bob Harold Leach and his book Branded.



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