Shakefest 2021 is Here!

Shakefest 2021 is Here!

Shakefest – A Celebration of Dance and so Much More!

Shakefest is a successful venture associated with Charleville Castle’s many successful creative and musical pursuits towards a gathering of local spirit. The 16th annual ShakeFest will take place once online for 2021! This is a community-run holistic fair day for families, international dance enthusiasts, and anyone active!

Different types of dance and culture are easily available in larger communities and cities in Ireland, and bringing such a variety ‘Shake – A Celebration of Dance’ helps link such creativity together at Charleville Castle, Tullamore. Shake consists of an educational series of dance workshops starting from 12 pm Saturday, May 29th, and Sunday, May 30th along with an evening of cultural performances starting at 7:30 pm on Saturday, May 29th. It is purposely orchestrated with a multicultural and international theme; in line with a new Ireland, that leads to an evening of a multicultural dance of excellence.

Shakefest over the past years has grown from a day of Energy, Movement, and Dance to a unique weekend of multicultural and international relaxation and holistic living – although we must continue online this year, we still include Charleville Castle in the spirit of the festival, as it is an Independent Arts and Culture Center of the Irish Midlands and encourages arts, culture and dance mediums of all kinds.

Vertikal Life interviews our friend Terri Dale-Kearney for the inside scoop on Shakefest 2021.

Interested in joining the fun take a ( Click the Link) online workshop and be a part of a world movement!
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