Ticking Spheres

Ticking Spheres

Linear time displayed on ticking spheres,

Time bombs ready to explode to awaken

the asleep within. Two bent lines joining forces,

smoothing edges, a circle forms. Displaying truth

in a single shape. Time can’t be measured in a line.

A life line misleads, we’re a circle of life living

on a 3d ball of crust and H2O, with no start or end.

Bend a mind, bend linear time. Think outside of

the four line conjoined box. Find the keys to

unlock all the road blocks, these barbed wire cages.

Within us there are sages waiting for the right

time to shine through. Shedding of skin

began since birth, exposure of divine you

awaits. The flame was always there,

it’s up to us to extinguish or sustain.

I am a poet and student from the Cleveland Area in Ohio. I would very much

appreciate the chance of being featured in your magazine.

Here is a spoken word poetry video of my poem “Ticking Spheres”


Attached to this e-mail is one of my pictures and the words to my poem.

This is my official poet website:  http://www.theartisticmuse.com

Thank you for your time! Take care.

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