My Love your Kiss….Springtime….sunny days, gentle breezes

Reminding me of your smile…
The wow of Hot Air balloons…bursting,
brilliant colors in the sky,
Floating on fluffy, white cumulus clouds…
yellow daisies bursting into joyful songs
Dancing through tall grass laced
with vivid red poppies…
Stealing glances your way…
Happy the time you spend with me…
My Seasons of Love

You ask me about summer…what do I see?

We lay in tall country grass
feeling the heat of a hot sun.
Beads of sweat on our skin,
the fullness of your lips tempting me like sweet fruit…
Waiting to be peeled…licked…gently sucked.
Sticky juice drips down my neck…
leaving a trail between my breasts
collecting in pools on my stomach…mmm
My Seasons of Love

You say wait there is the fall.
”Tell me about fall!”
Fall brings golden leaves swirling down,
wind-swept streets.
Your gentle scolds’ rumble
like Thunder…a fake threat.
Your eyes smolder like dark clouds,
but bring soft rain.
It drenches us in waters
that wash away…inhibitions.
What did you say? I ask as I press against you,
so you will forget…
at least for right now…
and your hands begin to warm my skin.
My Seasons of Love

Winter is my favorite I whisper in your ear…
You ask me why?
Long cold days, with slow-burning, warm fires.
I’m sitting quietly by your side.
Letting the comfort of
your nearness surround me,

Like a hot cup of tea…
we inhale the aroma of our being.
A silence that speaks volumes…
I hear your thoughts. You hear my heart.
My senses are filled with you…
Nothing to say…we just know…
I touch your hand, you to pull me near…
hold me tight…

Safe…Warm…Loved…With You
My Seasons of Love

By Celeste Duckworth
Copyright © 2010