Poet Roberto Denaro Styles

Poet Roberto Denaro Styles

Sexy, Sensual and Yes: Salty!

As a writer, Roberto’s creative energy can come from a combination of things, His love for music which includes Hip-hop, Neo-Soul, Some R&B, Jazz, Blues, Dancehall Reggae and Classic Rock. He also draws inspiration in some cases, from his own personal experiences as well as the stories of many others who he has had the privilege to meet over the years. Roberto’s goal as a writer is to continue to grow, live, experience and celebrate life as he proceeds forth in his journey.

Hear more of Roberto at the VertiKal Cafe with Celeste and Norm!

Spontaneous Written by Yours Truly

Poetry of the essence

The presence of words I preserve

Brings forth miraculous manifestations

Assassinating like a sniper standing the roof

Girded bulletproof armor

A syllabus of my many high and lows

This path I travel, many truths unravel

Enemy and friend sometimes next to kin

Taking me back to Genesis

Ink spillages of a written nemesis


by Roberto Denaro Styles

You can read more of Roberto’s poetry at https://www.facebook.com/roberto.poeticstyles 



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