Nancy Hite and the Retirement Mirage

Nancy Hite and the Retirement Mirage

Are you still buying into the retirement mirage, hoping that, once you stop working, your life will be a perpetual enjoyment, exploration, and pleasant experience? It’s time to think differently.

Your ideas about retirement are dissipating before your eyes. People are living longer, and the world is changing faster because of advancing technology. Twenty-first-century notions about retirement are antiquated.

Nancy Hite has a fiduciary duty when guiding her clients’ financial process throughout their lives. If you’re like them, then you are so busy in your day-to-day life that you don’t have time to think farther ahead than next week’s paycheck. Nancy helps you: See ahead when you’re too busy to look up®.  In The Retirement Mirage, Nancy dissects the key points to help you think differently about your financial future.

    • People are living longer today than at any time in history — be prepared so you don’t run out of money before you run out of time
    • The world is evolving with climate change, disease, unsteady markets — learn how to adapt to constant change
    • Technology is changing the world — find out how science positively impacts your financial future
    • Education and our children — let’s give them a process that establishes a strong financial foundation for financial stability
    • Spend it now, spend it later, or spend it never® — find out why this is Nancy’s motto and why it should be yours, too

The Retirement Mirage combines Nancy’s years of financial expertise with real-life examples to show you a variety of perspectives. The Retirement Mirage will inspire you to honestly assess your financial situation and offers the tools you need to prepare for the realities of your financial future.

The Retirement Mirage includes advice for all ages on what experts don’t tell you. The book was a hot new release and #1 bestseller in several categories, including Budgeting & Money Management; Personal Money Management; Retirement Planning; and Personal Finance.

Nancy J. Hite is the founder of The Strategic Wealth Advisor® LLC, located in Boca Raton, Florida.  She offers forthright advice and has a fiduciary duty to provide meaningful and workable options to help her clients prepare for and enjoy the current and future chapters of their lives by focusing on their personal goals.

Her first book, “The Retirement Mirage,” offers a fresh perspective to your future financial stability.  If you’re interested in pursuing a happy and prosperous retirement you can connect with Nancy Hite, CFP on LinkedIn (

Nancy’s Passion for Planning

Helping people is my passion.  I love what I do. I want to get to know the person because all my clients become my friends.

“When I meet with a new person, the first thing I want to do is to get to know them. How many children and grandchildren do you have and where do they live? What makes you happy and what is the positive place that takes you out of your negative mood? What are your hobbies? Do you have any major health issues? Do you like to travel and visit new places? I want you to think about your future income. What is important about money to you? 

Eventually, “I take a look at the portfolio they come in with and review their goals. What is the money for? Do you need income, or growth, or legacy or health care? At a later meeting, if we have some problems we work together, and if necessary, together we do some behavioral coaching, step-by-step. This helps people adjust to a different mindset about money and their future -similar to approaching a new recipe.”

One of Nancy’s favorite expressions is, K.I.S.S: “Keep it Simple, Sweetie.” Because cooking is a hobby she enjoys, she uses the analogy of breaking down the financial planning process step-by-step, as one does with a recipe, so that it is not overwhelming. “When I begin working with a new client, I take a look at the portfolio they come in with, review their goals, and then together we do some behavioral coaching, step-by-step. This helps them adjust to a different mindset about money and their future – similar to approaching a new recipe.”   



“Together, we develop a new recipe for their financial future,” she says. We focus on future income and financial health. “Once we get the basic financial recipe in place with provisions for unexpected risks, we can always tweak it and spice it up or tone it down, depending on what works for that person.”

Nancy goes on to explain that most people in this demographic will need to plan for what she calls an “encore” career. “I coach them to develop a hobby they love that will keep them mentally and physically active and earn some additional spending money.”

“It is equally important for people to have a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) as it is for them to have a medical professional,” adds Hite. “In this way, they will have a coach for their financial health and a coach for their medical health to help increase the likelihood of quality of life for the future years.


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