The Next World Music Break-out Duo!

What can we tell you about Mal & Lese? Well, they are definitely the dynamic duo as partners and musical collaborators and Vertikal was giving an opportunity to talk with Mal & Lese and enjoy a conversation about fate, future, and listen to some fantastic music.

Mal & Lese is a musical duo hailing from St.Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands by way of Atlanta, Ga. This duo consists of Mal Gato (Mal), the ATL Hottest Caribbean / International Artist award winner for 2019 / 2020, and the beautiful Songstress & Songwriter Chalese (“Lese”). The two bring a unique Caribbean, International, and World sound to the musical arena.  The duo was formed a year ago after a choice meeting by Dj. Rome leads them to the studio 32 hrs later to record their first song together and has been running ever since. Mal & Lese has since released 2 official singles (“Lose Control” and “Still In Everything”) thus far gaining rave reviews. These 2 artists share magnetic musical chemistry with undeniable energy. Mal & Lese definitely has what it takes to make an impact in the Music Industry and beyond.




Here the Interview with Mal & Lese


Check out their new release Lose Control!


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