Lost in Society

Lost in Society

Lost as a society, as I look at some people.

United we are strong, but division seems to be the Equal.

Family Tree to me, the backbone is gone.

God called Big Momma, now she is in her mansion at home.

Cutthroat is what I see, lost there is no unity. Am I Abel?

I feel as if they want to Eliminate me.

Not strong enough because I follow the light

sent by G-O-D. After 43 terms,

we Elected President Obamma.

They killed Tookie Williams, what about Jeffery Dhamer?

Calm is my mind state, God controls my Fate.

So why should you walk around, with a Heart full of Hate?

What happened to the Teachings, that were passed down in life?

What happened to the Honor, between Husband and Wife?

Live and let live, is what I was taught.

So why is Evil for Prosperity Sought?

Instead of a Helping Hand, we try to abuse our fellow mankind.

Eyes wide shut, we walk around in the blind. It is time to wake up,

do you need some coffee?

Stop and smell the roses, or have you lost me?

Jump on the path, that leads to Salvation.

I am trying to reach, the Entire Nation.

Modern or mayhem? what do you think?

Our Ancestors are gone, the remembrance of them is,

just paper and ink. We are lost in the teachings,

of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He died once, But he lived twice.

Resurrected on the third day, what more can I say?

Besides, follow the light, it will lead the way.

Don’t let the people that are close to you,

hender your blessings, with the things that they do.

When you stand before God, they won’t be there.

Think about your salvation? because they really don’t care.

By Ron Lyons ©  2012


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