Eddie Goines: His Time Is Now!

Eddie Goines: His Time Is Now!

Eddie is on the move again!  I’ve often said to Eddie that he’s one of the hardest working men in show business. Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Eddie to discuss with him his new project, and to see how his consistent work ethic is certainly paying him back some huge dividends.

His latest projet with me which is to be released on March 28th is a live comedy/music show called ‘The Time Is Now’ which stars Eddie Goines, Chris Spencer, Guy Torry and a few independent musical artists that are on the rise.  The show is more so a combination maybe of ‘In Living Color’ and  MTV Music Awards.

There is stand up comedy, live music and comedy sketches.  This one hour show and will premiere on a new independent website called www.BoldNewEntertainment.com. There will be a $2.99 fee to watch it, and starting next week, he is going to release 3-4 episodes of a promo series.  

What is ‘The Time Is Now?’

‘The Time Is Now’ is a comedy/music one hour special. It’s sort of in the lines of ‘In Living Color’ and an award show like the MTV Music Awards in that it has stand up comedy, live music and comedy sketches. I’m very proud of the show. It’s gonna be one heck of an hour of entertainment.

Besides yourself, who can we expect to see in it?

It’s a mix of veterans of the entertainment world and new, upcoming stars. Chris Spencer came in at the last minute and did a killer set for us. Guy Torry guides the ship as the host and delivers some really funny lines as well. Tammi Mac, of Stevie Wonder’s KJLH, is super as well as she gives Guy a partner in crime. The beautiful/talented Teria Birlon is a site for sore eyes as she makes an appearance. My man Hype Cuz and J-Roc Jones bring the heat, and possibly the buzz of the show that night was Major- A Modern Day Crooner. He destroys.

Why are you taking the show to the internet?

Straight to the people until the big wigs absolutely are beating down my door to jump on board. I just want people to see that I’m a force the simplest way possible.

You’ve been mostly known as an actor, is your career taking a turn?

It has to. I’ve had to make my own lane to make the mark that I want to make in the business. I don’t have a problem saying that I want to be a giant. Make projects they never forget, and fortunately I’ve discovered that I have an ability to do that both in front and behind the camera. I’m ready!

Any last words about the show?

I just ask that the audience look at my history, and trust me with ‘The Time Is Now.’ If you know me from the football years- look at that, if you know me through the acting years like Love My Girl, 12 Days, Ali, Beyonce etc- look at that. I don’t go halfway. We coming hard, and want to be epic. So check us out! And for those who saw it live, we’ve added sketches and more that really takes the show to another level. So tune in. I thank everyone who has supported me. March 28th www.BoldNewEntertainment.com. Bless!

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