E.T. Gunnaarsson ‘s Book Forgive Us is a Winner

E.T. Gunnaarsson ‘s Book Forgive Us is a Winner

Winner of the 2021 San Francisco Book Festival Science Fiction Award

In this post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller set nearly 100 years into the future, the earth has been decimated by pollution and civilization has fallen into ruin. The war between nature and humanity has no winner. Humanity’s drive for energy and technology was its downfall. In this polluted world, survivors fight on and endure the world destroyed by their ancestors. From what was left, they will rebuild and struggle to make a better place for their descendants.

“Forgive Us”, is a compelling and action-packed novel where nothing less than humanity is at stake. For those who have read The Gunslinger and Mad MaxForgive Us presents a similar ride that spans three generations of a destroyed earth.

Written by E.T. Gunnarsson, an 18-year-old post-apocalyptic thriller author who suffers from dysgraphia and cannot write by hand easily. He grew up on a horse-rescue ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He is a home/ online schooler and will soon pursue college online.

He is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a brown belt in Judo, and trained with the Judo and Grecco-Roman Wrestling Olympic teams at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Knowledgeable in Norse mythology and religion (he writes in Futhark!), he manages an online community for Norse pagans. Forgive Us is his first book. Abandon Us, the prequel to Forgive Us is scheduled for release in early 2022.  A Taste of Ink Host C. Stene Duckworth had an opportunity to interview E.T. Gunnarsson about his book, his life, and some fun facts.


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Forgive Us


Three-time periods, four characters, each fighting for their future:

  • 2099: Oliver, a lone rider bearing the scars of the old world, flees east into the untamed lands beyond the Rocky Mountains. He spearheads the frontier and carries the burden of civilization into the new world, destined to rebuild from the ruins. He has to survive the wasteland where the earth is toxic, and the very air itself is a corrosive poison.


  • 2154: London, a veteran of the wasteland, shields his adopted daughter Rose from an unforgiving world. They live in a new age that’ll soon draw them into bitter feuds between fledgling nations. London will sacrifice anything for Rose. Unbeknownst to London, they are about to be drawn right into the scourge of war.
  • 2185: Simon, a man born and raised on the great Arcadis space station, faces suppressive pressure from The Peacekeepers and The Leaders. Ever the tinkerer, Simon needs to be careful as he breaks the authoritarian rules in the world he has to live in.

Together they may be the last hope for humanity.

Reviews for Forgive Us

“Author E. T. Gunnarsson delivers a powerhouse of post-apocalyptic prose in this highly engrossing and cinematically styled novel…For its edge-of-your-seat thrills, inviting character work, and deep conceptual realism, I would highly recommend Forgive Us to fans of dystopian worlds, suspenseful horror, and for survival fiction fans everywhere.” — Readers’ Favorite

“The world-building was phenomenal in this brilliant and entertaining novel. The author gave readers exceptional characters that drove the story forward and allowed them to form a relationship with each of them…Forgive Us is an incredibly complex yet refreshing story!” — Readers’ Favorite


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