Megan Volpert grew up in Chicago and lives in Atlanta with her wife, Mindy.  Volpert holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University and has been teaching high school English for the past thirteen years.

She is currently researching a set of homolinguistic Bruce Springsteen translations and collaborating with acclaimed performance artist Craig Gingrich-Philbrook on a project about the nature of failure. Additionally, she regularly writes for PopMatters and Atlanta INtown.

Volpert spent seven years as a nationally competitive debater, then several more years competing in poetry slams. Her early publications focused on language play rooted in surrealism, before turning toward a variety of hybrid forms invested in confessionalism. Increasingly, Volpert’s work can be characterized simply as journalism or essays.

Throughout her writing career, Volpert has been influenced by second-generation New York School poetry and has displayed a strong interest in performance studies. Volpert is a theory junky who cannot resist rock and roll. Her work is consistently argumentative. She used to drive a scooter.