Nondi Dunn is Creating Memories

Nondi Dunn is Creating Memories

Creating Memories…

Nondi Dunn is a Woman On The Rise!  She and her mom Tiffany Dunn, who submitted her name will be guests on Vertikal’s Women On The Rise program.  Our conversation about what inspires a young woman to choose her passion and follow it to form her own business and forge her own path.   We asked Nondi, a few questions before our radio podcast, what a treasure to talk to.

What is your superpower?

“Summoning the Gods at will”, she is a natural comedian!  She can make people laugh during a photo shoot in order to lighten the mood of the shoot.

What is your kryptonite?    

Palmetto bugs!!! She can’t stand them they make her skin crawl…   

What have you learned in the process?

Always have a contract.  It is important to protect yourself, your work, and the clients.

What would you say to yourself before you started your business?

Accumulate little to no debt while in business for yourself. 

What was the most profound thing your mom, elder, teacher, or mentor told you that stays close to your heart?

“Pick up your camera every day!”  Stated by Jessica Kobeissi


Some of Nondi’s Wonderful Work


Listen to our podcast with Nondi Dunn on Women On The Rise Program.


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