Janne Kearney’s 7 Deadly Sins

Janne Kearney’s 7 Deadly Sins

Australian artist Janne Kearney is predominately a figurative and portrait artist. Her paintings ask the viewer to disregard preconceived perceptions of people, society and at times reality.  

Each painting invites you to contemplate, reflect, and reminisce; they are profound, evocative and at times humorous.   The works are full of texture and color created in a contemporary realist manner and could be described as an iconoclastic…they challenge or overturn traditional beliefs, customs, and values, consciously utilizing both traditional and innovative techniques, her work explores retro and neo kustome culture.



The 7 Deadly Sins

Janne Kearney has created a timeless and powerful visual narrative in her contemporary pop pin-up series the ‘7 deadly sins’. These seven vibrant paintings are instantly recognizable as Kearney’ trademark brilliantly bold colors and expressive emotive lines resonate with a mastery of the visual language and its semiotics.

Inspired by sex-positive feminism, each deadly sin is portrayed with unique artistic vision and generated by a sense of feminine empowerment through self-determined sexual expression. Each work strips away generational difference and passionately reveals the timelessness of the perceived vices of those within the constructs of our world.

The works pass no judgment on the ‘sin’ they reveal, but rather subtly allude to the notion of feminism itself within the clever interplay of intriguing figures represented within her bold works. Each work actively challenges a plethora of narrow social constructs based on dubious assumptions of sexual orientation, gender stereotypes, and feminist theory.

‘7 Deadly Sins’ To be exhibited at the “Collinwood Gallery,” 292 Smith St., Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia


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