It’s A Family Affair for Fabien Badilla

It’s A Family Affair for Fabien Badilla

Fabien Badilla Influences are Classical and Baroque Art!

Fabien moved to Arizona in 1998 and brought with him a strong background in art history.  Born in St. Maurice, France, Fabien’s influences include classical and baroque European art and architecture as well as a new breed of urban/modern art.

While in college he received numerous awards from annual student art shows and continued to develop his skills and understanding of art in a wide range of formats including painting, sculpture, computer illustration, jewelry design and fabrication, printmaking, and ceramics. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2003.

I met Fabien at one weekend when Scottsdale was hosting its first Via Colori street painting festival.  The Via Colori showed off mostly local talent… When I walked by Fabien’s art called, ‘Family Affair,’ it spoke to me and I had to learn more about the Man and his Art.

You can view more of Fabien’s art or purchase this picture at:

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