Is Sex Better When You’re Thin?

Is Sex Better When You’re Thin?

Red beans and rice didn’t miss her! Gimme somethin I can hold onto! …

Red beans and rice didn’t miss her! Gimme somethin I can hold onto! More cushion for the pushin! Baby Got BACK! As a personal trainer and online fitness coach in L.A., the standards of health, fitness, and beauty are quite different than they are in most every other area in the World. However, the people are mostly the same. Most of my clientele’s definition of beauty and health is skinny, with the exception of black women.

Black women declare:

“I do NOT want to lose my curves”

“I do not want to be skinny”

“I just want to look good in my clothes and trim

down these thighs”

“I am not trying to starve myself”

I am not generalizing here; however, I am sharing with you the various declarations I hear from many women in the world of health, fitness, and entertainment. Believe it or not, everything in L.A. is Entertainment; whether intentionally or unintentionally this is why so many people focus on getting fit and staying in shape.

I concur with the above declarations; however, I sometimes wonder if we’re getting thick confused with overweight? And for my men, are we getting Athletic confused with husky?

The reason why I ask myself the questions listed above is because I view many profiles on dating websites, and what I noticed is that men will indicate they are athletic, however, they don’t look athletic at all. I’m just saying!

Here’s a litmus test that I utilize so that I can make a correct assessment whether someone’s thickness is boiling over into unhealthy fatness or if someone’s athleticism is tripping over into the husky or overweight arena.

Are you turning the lights off while embarking on sex?

You’re having sex with your t-shirt on, and it’s not wet t-shirt contest (Really?)

Your muffin top is starting to spill over the top of your work or workout pants.

You’re breathing slightly heavier when walking up the stairs

Your posture starts to slouch

Your outer thighs are starting to dimple and have indentations; as well as the rubbing is actually now hurting

You’re shopping less now, and then you were when you knew your body was on point

After you have considered the litmus test above then I want you to consider why sex and your self -confidence is better when you’re fit as opposed to skinny.

There are three primary components of fitness that you should pay attention to: “Endurance, strength, and flexibility.

If you are in shape, you have more aerobic endurance, muscular strength, and overall flexibility — all of which can aid a person during sex. Not to mention, if you are in shape you will reduce your risk of injury during sex — such as pulling a muscle.

Keeping it real… R.E.A.L. Studies have shown “That people who are physically fit are less likely to let stress bother them. When you’re less stressed, you can be much more focused on improving your sex life.” Moreover, studies show that “both women and men, who are out of shape, are often less motivated to have sex. They tend to tire more easily, and have a lower sex drive and less stamina than folks who work out.”

Furthermore, exercise can also have profound effects on your mind and improve your feeling of well-being. It is also a well-known fact that when people feel good about themselves it shows on their facial expressions, body movements, and they show more sex appeal. There’s also the extra benefit that when your mood’s elevated, your optimistic outlook will translate into bedroom satisfaction.

I must warn you all that Fit and skinny do NOT go hand in hand. Fit is a state of consciousness as well as a physical state. I’m not advocating ALL of us look the same and wear the same size pants. I am, however, advocating for us to Look and feel the part – To be the best that we can be to ourselves.

If there are areas of your life that is not serving you; know that you DO have the power to improve any area of your life. If that area is your sex life, get moving on it quickly. (lol) Literally, getting moving.

Go out there and get your Sexy back – Now – and age is not a limitation so let’s go!

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