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Perfectly You!  The Outsider

Dear Christina G,

I just started hanging out with this group of girls lately. They’re really cool and very nice to me—most of the time. Sometimes I feel really left out when I’m around them. I know that they’ve known each other for years and they’ve only known me for not even one year, but I feel as if I’m an outsider. Problem is, I don’t know how to tell them that; or if I should tell them at all. What do you think I should do?


 Dear Outsider,

I understand what you’re going through; I’ve been in your situation more multiple times. It really hurts when you feel as if you don’t fit in. Here are a few tips I hope will help you:

  1. Talk about it

Talk with your new friends about what you’re feeling. They may not even realize that they’re singling you out. Hopefully after you clear the air with them, then they’ll be sure to include you in their activities. Don’t be afraid to tell them your feelings.

  1. Find new friends

I’m not saying that you should just stop talking to these girls completely. If you’ve already talked to them and they’re still not making you feel left out then find some different people to hang out with. Look for other girls who have the same interests as you. Also, you could try sitting with someone who’s always by themselves. Or even start your own group of friends.

  1. Focus on you

When I was in this sticky situation, I tried to start paying more attention to myself instead of worrying about if my new friends were going to except me or not. Sometimes it actually works. You can experiment with your style! For example, I dyed my hair red and wore it curly instead of wearing it pin straight. You could also try changing up your wardrobe by mixing and matching some of your old and newer clothes. This should take your mind off of your problem for a while. And within time, these girls will see how awesome and wonderful you truly are!

I really do hope that my advice helps. What you’re dealing with is really hard to get through sometimes. But you can do it.

And always remember,

You’re perfect. Perfectly you. ♥

©2013 – Christina G

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