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Who has a will to live a long healthy life should assume a vertical position

Welcome to “VertiKal Health”.  Here is where we will discuss why each and every person who has a will to live a long healthy life should assume a vertical position and stand strong against the forces that combine to destroy our health.  We will focus on how we can stand up and be strong, where it comes to our physical bodies.  We will advance our mindsets to believe that we are powerful, and able to fight the enemies of sickness and disease with the right knowledge and being proactive.


We will resist the inkling to believe that sickness creeps up on us, and comes out of nowhere.   Think of soldiers in a war. If they are just hanging out, laughing and having a good time, the enemy can sneak up on them. They would not know that they are in danger until it is too late.  It is like an ambush.

However, if they are constantly on the look-out, and taking precautions, then that ambush is less likely to happen.

If we go along enjoying life, and not taking the necessary precautions, we are likely to be ambushed by sickness. By eating what-ever pleases us, whatever is convenient, or what- ever our grand-mothers used to eat, we are piling up toxic chemicals in our body. What sickness we come down with, depends on what parts of our body is the weakest, or where the toxins find it more comfortable to accumulate.

If you are being vigilant, and thinking about the fact that it is safer to feed your body right, and look out for harmful chemicals in our food, the surprise of sickness is less likely. By paying attention to the little warning signs our bodies give off and dealing with them while they are yet small, it would delay, or prevent those big ambushes.


Foods may look the same, but the nutritional content is not the same. Foods now contain many dangerous chemicals that older generations did not have to deal with. This is what is taking a toll on our bodies.

  • Over the past decades, there has been an alarming rate of sickness and disease especially in the western world, especially in what we have labeled as “lifestyle diseases”
  • It has become so commonplace for people of any age to fight disease and die, that it appears we are just throwing our arms in the air.
  • It appears that we are not willing to stand up and fight for our health and life. Sure; everyone gets in the battle once sickness already has the upper hand. By then it is an uphill battle.
  • We so nonchalantly refer to sickness as if it were a thunderstorm. Something that we have no control over, so we just deal with it the best way we can.


The truth is that we do have a measure of control over what happens in our bodies. Sometimes we get sick, but most times we cause sickness by negligence and over indulgence.

Have you notice that there is now a casual acceptance of early death? It used to be that mostly old people died. Now it is commonplace for people to die at any age, and the reaction is a feeling of ‘Oh Well!!’

I am a firm believer that if we took better care of our bodies as a lifestyle choice, it would prevent much of the sickness we are experiencing.

No one is saying that it is easy. But neither is being sick. No one is saying that it is affordable to eat healthier foods, but neither are hospital bills.

Eating healthy, natural, foods whenever possible, which contain the nutrients that our bodies need to function, to heal and repair, is like putting the right oils and fluids in our vehicle to help it to run smoothly.

Firstly, let us understand some truths.

  • The food our grandparents ate is no longer available. Livestock no longer comes from your neighbor’s backyard.
  • Produce is hardly ever grown in your community in small batches. Large scale farming and long transportation make it necessary for extra preservation.
  • Insects and birds can no longer sample your berries and fruit, because they are toxic.
  • If it comes in a can, package, or is frozen, it has to be chemically preserved.
  • You are the only one who can take care of your body. If you don’t fight for it, who else will?
  • Your physical body is the only vehicle that will take you through life. How far you get on that Journey, is determined by how well you care for the vehicle.
  • You influence those around you either positively or negatively, especially children, and they are counting on us as adults to be good role models.


You would not put contaminated oil in your engine. Putting foods that are contaminated with chemical compounds, added hormones, preservatives, pesticides and steroids, should seem just as wrong.   If you were walking downtown, in a neighborhood that is known to be dangerous, you would be careful to be on the look-out for impending dangers.   That is the way you should be about your health.


You cannot depend on the farmers. Their duty is to get the foods sold. They will do whatever they have to do to get them to yield as much as possible in a short a time as possible, without insect infestation. The use of herbicides and pesticides is common, but they are also poisonous to the human body once ingested. Over time this causes toxic build up.

Once they are reaped, the processors and marketers will also do what needs to be done in their own interest. I have heard and seen vegetables dressed in wax (a petroleum by-product) to help them to stand up for presentation. Some common ones are cucumbers, and lettuce. And that is only one simple example of how our foods are contaminated.

You cannot depend on animal farmers. They also do what needs to be done for the same reasons. Their main concern is their profits. Remember the animal flesh is only as healthy as what it eats. Many medicines, hormones, and steroids are used to achieve their goal.

You cannot depend on the medical community to get you well once you become sick. Think about the success rate, especially in the area of many lifestyle diseases.

It appears that all parties look out for their own interest, except consumers.  It is far wiser to get and maintain a healthy body naturally. It is much more challenging to repair a sick body, and sometimes it becomes impossible.   In addition to eating clean food, we should try to breathe fresh air, and drink clean water. No one can deny the difference in the way they feel when they visit the country or beach where the air is less polluted. The reality is that every cell in our bodies need oxygen, anything that is less than ideal compromises the functioning of the lungs, heart, and circulation.


  •    Roughly twenty five percent of the USA population suffers from diabetes. This includes adults and children.
  •    The scary emergence of children with diabetes should be a cause for emergency measures.

Type 2 diabetes used to be referred to as “adult onset diabetes” because it used to occur in adults over 40.

Now as early as 10 years old, children are on medication and insulin injections.  I once encountered a teenager in the bathroom of a popular breakfast restaurant, taking her insulin shot before sitting down to have breakfast of pancakes and syrup.

  •    Type 2 diabetes is both preventable and reversible.
  •    It is estimated that in another five years, one in every two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

One in every three people who gets cancer dies from it within five years.   The figures are not to alarm you, but to help you to understand that we can do something about changing them.


I once bought a particular car, which required that I use only super octane gasoline. I was scared to put a cheaper gasoline in it; for fear that it will cause a malfunction, or compromise it in some way. I was convinced that doing so would eventually lead to some kind of breakdown.

Even when the price of gas continued to increase and it would certainly have been more economical to compromise I continued. Even when I was told, that it would not do any harm, and that it was safe, I continued to do what I believed to be the right thing.

I do not believe that it is an accident that we have everything here on earth to sustain and heal us. But mankind became too smart for our own good. We found ways to maximize profits and minimize the quality of our food.

Are you willing to honor your temple, your vehicle, your house, so that it can take you on the journey of life?   Nothing that is worth having comes easily, and good health is no exception.   Come back next time, for more insights on how we can strive for better health for yourself and your loved ones.


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