“I am not responsible for how people treat me, but I am responsible for how I treat people.”

Meet the Founder/CEO of Southern Pro Staffing, LLC. Ms. Henrietta Yevette McCall, Ms. McCall has worked in the Social Services Field for over twenty years. She understands the importance of securing a job and finding the best employee to fill a position.

A native of Rocky Ford, Georgia — a rural Screven County establishment that is comprised of roughly 186 residents, according to the latest U. S. census — McCall has witnessed her entrepreneurship vision come full circle with the startup of Southern Pro Staffing, LLC.

Henrietta Yevette McCall has worked in the foster care, Medicaid Waiver Program for adults and children with developmental disabilities, EOA (Equal Opportunity Authority) where she assisted people with utilities, housing and provided case management services. She has also worked for the Department of Family and Children Services, where she assisted families in need, and helping individuals find jobs assisting in helping them removed their barriers to employment and then making sure they were able to maintain those jobs.


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Henrietta has dedicated her professional career toward helping others and she understands the importance of having good people in the right places. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management with an emphasis on Nonprofit Management at the University of Phoenix

She is most passionate about making sure businesses have the right employees understanding how the right person can help a business grow and also having happy satisfied clients.

Working in the social services system she felt that case managers were often too overwhelmed to see the bigger picture and how to help individuals get the right help. But on the other hand, she saw people that did not receive the best services because of the case manager, and that bothered her enough to pursue her passion to help. It’s not about the right job it’s about the right person for the job.

The biggest bridge to obtaining employment for people is finding a good fit for them, which includes decent pay, doing something that can challenge and offer them room for growth.

Southern Pro Staffing has filled more than 500 positions, and our future is for Southern Pro Staffing to be one of the best staffing agencies (virtually and locally). We want to build lasting relationships with recruiters, businesses, and staffing personnel.

She believes in the power of relationships, and understanding the right relationship can change a person’s life. I started a staffing agency because jobs can be life-changing, and I enjoyed changing people’s lives.

When Henrietta is not helping other people, she enjoys talking about the radio, walking, and hanging out with her family.  “I want to see my business reach success and, most of all, I want to see it make a difference in (in the lives of thousands of) people,” McCall said her progressive, thriving company. “I hope to employ several people one day and run a small, but efficient staffing agency. My desire is for my business to always have a feeling of humbleness and family.”

In essence, Southern Pro Staffing’s strategic mission is centered largely on building lasting relationships between candidates and businesses, according to a detailed synopsis of this company at https://southernprostaffing.com/.