Christopher King’s Stellar Image

Christopher King’s Stellar Image

Legacy to the King Empire…

Legacy is about life and living. It’s about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future and Christopher King, grandson of the Legendary Blues Artist B. B. King has a passion for helping people in what they wear giving them a formula for a stellar image.   Christopher stopped by to do a Live Interview with us on VERTIKAL LIVE Radio and left us some knowledge on creating your own brand, being true to your passion and the importance of moving a legacy forward. 

KING – Legacy to the King Empire has hosted or Booked Appearances in fashion events featuring Designers such as   Ralph Lauren Polo, and Local Designers such as Lujeanik, Bella Fashions, Higher Hustle, DivaFit Boutique, Be Boutique, Majestic Plus for the Local Tampa Bay Area and Hosted or Appeared in NY Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week, Mulan and LA.

Christopher King

He has been published over 17 times in magazines across the country and a host of radio interviews and Blog appearances. King is the Hot Topic of Tampa Fashion and with his up coming role in Feature Film Room 236, filmed in Orlando he is sure to rock the screen.  He thrives in guest speaking, hosting and education the man and woman on mannerisms and proper attire and how to as they say keep in tune with the times and bring the Back from way back to high fashion and couture looks. KING is a true Gentleman and educating young men and women on the proper ethics behind being a Gentleman and a true Lady of Elegance.

Known for his Bold Blazer ensembles we guarantee he will lock the attention of your crowd and inspire greatness from all in attendance. As the Founder of The Gentlemen’s Course educating youth how how to become gentlemen and ladies on “A Lady” and The Annual Gentlemen’s Ball Clearwater Florida, at the Luxurios Fort Harrison Resort Hotel.

B.B. KingContinuing the legacy of his legendary grandfather, the late, great Blues Legend B.B. King, Christopher King is introducing, ‘The KING Collection’ Brand into the fashion world. Christopher King began in business managing successful artists such as Jacky Christy, Field Mob, and Jeremy Mincey of Dallas Cowboys to name a few as CEO of La’Roc Management Group. Since image was an essential part of his artist management formula, King decided to branch out into the world of fashion. He created his own image in a men’s custom bowtie line, through partnership with Complete Bowties. The unique element about the line is you can design bowties to your own personal taste, choosing between vast arrays of solid colors to patterns, centerpieces, even down to the shape of the bowtie. The Exotic Line of Wooden Bowties Featured as the KING Collection by Complete Bow Ties allows King’s style to reach all generations. The KING Collection can be ordered online.

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Christopher King has a passion for helping people in what they wear by giving a formula for a stellar image. In the words of Deion Sanders, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, they pay good.” The KING Brand is embarking on a national tour beginning August 15th to give young men and women new ideas on how to be classic in their dress. The KING Brand believes that when you change the mindset of young people, you will begin to see them dress cleaner.   A’SPE Magazine highlights KING The Brand because we are deeply embedded in promoting a classic image. Not only do they have custom KING Collection Bowties, but compliment the image with premium cigars called, “The Real King Cigar.” KING Cigars, a Mild Bodied Cuban Cigar – featured is a Maduro and Connecticut available in Torpedo, Churchill and Robusto cuts. The Brand has a bright future and a purpose in the fashion industry.

 Christopher King Social Media – King The Brand at Facebook – Twitter @TheKingTheBrand – King Collection  – IG: @KingTheBrand

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