10 Magical Benefits of Listening to Music while Meditating

10 Magical Benefits of Listening to Music while Meditating

Meditation is one of the most relaxing activities known to mankind. It involves consciously emptying out one’s mind of all apprehensions, worries, and stress through breathing techniques, chants or simply by closing one’s eyes and being still. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to get detached from our surroundings and fully immerse ourselves in meditation. At such times, music can work as a great tool to help us get into a peaceful state of mind.

Here is a list that highlights all the wonders of listening to music while meditating:

Music Makes Everything Fun 

Oftentimes in our fast-paced lives, sitting in silence can feel dull and boring which may keep us from meditating effectively. At such times, playing some soft music in the background while meditating will instantly perk up your spirits while relaxing your mind. Some types of music, especially Indian Classical music, Gregorian Chants or just simple instrumental music work wonders when you are trying to get into the zone.

Singing as Meditation

If you thought that sitting still with a perfect posture was the only way to meditate, think again. Whether you are a good singer or not, singing a tune that is close to your heart, while paying attention to your breathing, sound, and vibration is a great way to meditate. The idea is to focus your attention on one point- your singing and to get rid of all surrounding distractions. Also, if singing by yourself is not your cup of tea, buying karaoke machines is a great alternative to sing your way to relaxation.

Meditate Anytime Anywhere

Music helps you create your own private bubble of tranquility anytime, anywhere- on that long flight, before that important client meeting, or after a tough day at school. Just put some music on, sit back, and meditate. It will instantly transport you to a calmer state of mind and help feel relaxed.

Reduces Stress

Our environment is full of harsh sounds- blaring horns, screaming people, loudspeakers and other noise pollutants that can stress us out. It is important to swap these noises with soothing songs as they greatly reduce stress and aide immersive meditation.

Soothes Pain

It is a scientifically proven fact that music soothes the pain. So, for those days when you are suffering from muscle pain or body ache and finding it hard to relax enough to meditate, just put on some calm music and sit back. The music will distract you from the discomfort of pain so that you can meditate effectively.

Better Sleep

If you are one of those people who find it hard to shut off your brain and settle in for a good night’s sleep, meditating to soft music while lying in bed will get rid of all those pesky thoughts that keep you from falling asleep. The music insulates you from distractions and meditation helps relax your mind into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Better Control Over Emotions

Sometimes controlling our emotions in volatile situations can be an extremely difficult task, especially while dealing with negative emotions
such as anxiety, anger or grief. At such times, taking a step back will keep the situation from deteriorating. The music helps cut off all the surrounding noise as well as your inner turmoil so that you can just relax and meditate until you get your emotions under control.

Better Concentration

Concentrating on work or studies can be a very difficult task when one is swamped with stress and anxiety. At such times playing your favorite music while meditating will help soothe the anxiety and help you focus on the task at hand. Also, regular meditation helps you train your mind to focus at a single point which improves concentration greatly.

Better Intimacy

As human beings, we always crave a deeper connection with our partners or the people we are close to. Meditating together can be a great way to feel this connection with another human being, while the music brings your heartbeat and breathing in sync with each other.

You’ll feel inspired

Playing soulful music while meditating can have a profound effect on the human psyche. When your mind is relaxed, it is better adapted to tap into its full potential, which is why listening to soulful music while meditating can help you feel inspired and invigorated. This is also a great way to start off your morning and will ensure that you have a successful and productive day.

Meditation is not just an exercise; it is a way of living. And listening to music elevates it to a whole another level of relaxation and tranquility. So, arrange some peaceful music for yourself and meditate your way to a happier, fuller and more satisfying life.



Author  Ronald Ross loves to play musical instruments and has been doing so from an early age. His passion for music leads him to create a blog called Loud Beats,  where he writes about all kinds of musical instruments.


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