Travel Destinations with Kristi Keller

Travel Destinations with Kristi Keller

Where Will You Travel This Year?

Kristi Keller is a travel blogger who has spent most of her 10+plus years of traveling in Jamaica where she has learned and written about every aspect that a traveller who loves to go off the beaten path would want to know.  

Her new endeavor is to broaden her travel experience and the perfect opportunity has come to her by way of a contest given by the tourist board of Tobago.

Tobago is the sister island to Trinidad and they share the same vibrant culture and flag.  It’s a Caribbean paradise that’s different than the bigger islands because it’s beaches aren’t lined with large all-inclusive resorts.  

It’s more quaint featuring smaller hotels, villas and guest houses and a wide variety of tourist activities and cultural attractions.  

Kristi has made the top ten finalist in all of Canada to become the Island Connoisseur of Tobago, “What an amazing venture.”   I talked with Kristi on VertiKal Bistro Radio, about her adventures and this new opportunity.   I hope it will inspire you to go someplace new, exciting, and different this year.  You must experience travel this year.

VertiKal Bistro Travel Destinations with Kristi Keller and Host Celeste S. Duckworth

See More Of Kristi’s Promotion and CLICK Here To Vote

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime for Canadian travel bloggers and I hope to be THE ONE!

The public can view and vote for finalists at

and I’m hoping they vote for me, Kristi Keller.”   (see promotional video)

Do you have a question about travel for Kristi?  Contact Kristi @


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