“Laughing Wata”- Mammee Bay, Jamaica

“Laughing Wata”- Mammee Bay, Jamaica

Let’s Talk about Jamaica Falls…..

I know I say this about almost every post I make LOL….but this too, is one of my most treasured experiences in Jamaica. I would have never found this little-hidden gem if it weren’t by the suggestion of my local friends who decided to take me there. It’s called “laughing water”, I never did find out why, though. Its just outside Ocho Rios. The name Ocho Rios means 8 Rivers in Spanish and I guess this is one of the rivers that runs into the ocean. Quite a beautiful thing to experience….cold, fresh water falling into the salty sea.

This was truly one of the most breathtaking places I’ve been. Even the long hike from the hills, across the highway and over to the water’s edge was a beautiful thing! These huge trees were stunning!

After the 20-minute hiking journey the final destination took my breath away. This place is definitely hidden and was totally uninhabited. One of my local friends told me that residents in and around the area sometimes come here to bathe in the freshwater falls. This day we were the only 5 people at this beach, and after an hour or so we saw MAYBE 3 other people come. The picture below shows the serenity of this place. All along the shoreline is a rock wall that’s filled with carved words, overhanging trees, and shallow caves into the rock. Very cool.

The guys pestered me to try out the falls LOL. I was totally willing to go in except that I knew it was really cold! But it was hot that day and I knew I could use the refreshment. It was no joke getting into that thing, though….the power of the water is enough to knock someone over! It definitely wanted to push me over the edge so once I found a secure spot I pretty much stayed there. This rock did the trick of keeping me from floating away.

Getting out was a whole different story! I couldn’t climb back up the falls to where I got in because the current was a bit much. So I took the next easiest route….getting pulled out. I seriously thought I was going to take him down with me! hahaha.

This last photo is one of my ALL-TIME favorite photos I’ve ever taken in Jamaica and it’s also one of the coolest things I’ve discovered there. I have no idea who carved it or when but I think this is the most accurate monument to the way of life for the whole country of Jamaica. Life IS vibes.

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