The Path Towards Your Dream?

The Path Towards Your Dream?

Are you on the correct path towards your dream?

Good day my Friends,  I pray you have made you your decision on which direction you are headed, in an honest attempt, to manifesting your Dream today! You haven’t? How do you ever expect to get there if you don’t have the direction and plan in your mind? We all want our Dreams, but do you have a clear map or plan to get there?

Having a Dream is one thing, but Achieving it is certainly another! Here is a little info for you from my book, “Dream So Big” that may help you in this glorious endeavor!  Once you have your Dream, Pay Attention to all of its Details. Visualize! In other words, see your Dream in High Definition and understand and realize that what you are seeing is what you have just launched into the world. Believe in it and Know!

Next, like an arrow, aim straight towards your target. Find the way, or look for the map to get there. This is done by doing the necessary research to find out All that is required! Whether it is going to school, mastering the technique, training the body or leaving your present location and relocating somewhere else etc….Bottom line, go find out all the information necessary about what your Dream is showing you!

Secondly, as you are Visualizing your Dream, truly look and see if this is honestly obtainable for you. Use your God-given abilities to “comprehend” whether or not this Dream is really for you and that you are ready for all of what your Dream Manifestation will require! Get Real about what you are Dreaming for! Be ready to commit and make the necessary sacrifices it may require of you!

Thirdly, most people don’t realize their Dreams because deep down in their sub-conscious they are really afraid, That’s right! Afraid of their own Dream! Fear is a Dream Killer! Do not let Fear consume you! This is where it is very Important to search deep inside of your “heart” and “spirit” and have that serious conversation with yourself. You must connect to your Inner Self and ask, or insist, that fear be released from you. I have found that Meditation or Prayer has been the best tools for achieving this goal!

Fourth, if you want to see your Dream Manifest into your reality quickly, make sure your dream benefits others in a Positive and Motivating way. Be sure your Dream benefits not only yourself but others also. This my friend, is very Important. VERY IMPORTANT! When you do this, your Dream gets on the fast track, so to speak, and comes rushing towards you!

Finally, Be You! Don’t try to be anybody else when you are seeking to Achieve your Dream! Have confidence in yourself and know that you were chosen to be here on this Earth at this particular time in history for a reason! You were given all of the necessary tools to Achieve your wildest Dream at birth. You were born to win! “YOU” are “good enough!” You are the Dreamer and the Dream itself! You have to get this Understanding!


My friends, this is just a small sample of what I have written in my book and what I talk about as I travel around this great country of ours, motivating and Inspiring others. I am committed to you being the best that you can be and, most Importantly, to showing you how Achieving your wildest Dream is possible. Not just talking, but providing you with a solid Blueprint!

I pray you have gained some insight from my short message this day!   You were just introduced to my Powerful Dream Catchers! Remember, you are not here by accident! You have come seeking a Dream! Let this day be the Day you get back on track! Let’s Go!

For more in-depth information on my 8 Dream Catchers and to obtain my book go to  Please use a laptop, computer or IPads when ordering!  “Changing The World, One Heart At A Time”

Author and Motivational Speaker – Christopher B. Pearman


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