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This Might Be Why You’re Feeling Burnt Out At Work

You get to the office but don't start work. You're struggling through chronic head, neck and backaches. You've become disillusioned about your place at the company, or the impact you're having on the team. You're tired, cranky and just don't care anymore. You're suffering from work burnout.

Two recent studies on emotional exhaustion and burnout at work offer some insight into why you might be feeling lackluster about your job. One suggests that after-hours emails contribute to a state of perpetual alertness, preventing employees from truly recovering from the work day. The other proposes that a fundamental mismatch between unconscious needs and workplace duties may be causing workers undue stress.

Taken together, both studies examine the effects that chronic emotional arousal can have on workers, whether it be a never-ending sense of urgency about emails or a constant need to try to reconcile their implicit needs with work duties. If people can't return to baseline levels of calm and/or feelings of fulfillment, chronic heightened emotions could lead to physical symptoms like pain, fatigue and an increased heart rate.

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