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Travel 101

DUFL Takes Baggage Claim out of Business Travels.

Business Travel Just Got Easier!

With airlines attempting to shrink the size of carry-ons, business travelers are going to face more checked baggage fees, hassles at the airport and increased concern of airlines losing their luggage.

101 Travel Tips

Nothing is both as rewarding and as stressful as traveling.   With that in mind we have assembled the be-all and end-all list of travel tips to keep in mind as you both plan and execute your next vacation. From when to book travel to get the best deal, to how to travel like a local, these tips aren't to be missed.

 101. It is always important to read up about your destination's rules and regulations before you travel. That way there will be no misunderstandings once you arrive. Visit the US Embassy website where you can get the latest advice and alerts on any country.

100. "I always travel with a tube of Kiehl's," says musician John Mayer, who knows the importance of keeping your lips hydrated on those long haul, air-conditioned flights.

99. Be sure to pack plenty of water and nutritional snacks to keep energy levels up. L.A. Nutritionist Valerie Waters explains, "my clients like to keep coolers in their cars filled with low-fat yogurt, apples, raw almonds, and bottled water." Don't let a long journey leave you resorting to eating junk food.

Save Money on Hotels using a VPN

When traveling, most of us try to find the best deals for hotels. Hotels and lodging options often take a big bite out of your travel budget but finding deals are usually quite a challenge. Going through many comparison websites just to find the best deal can be time-consuming, though the worst part can be the fluctuating prices.

The main reason why it's nearly impossible to pin down that elusive good deal is that those comparison websites usually track the location you're accessing the site from. From this tracking, the sites give you prices based on where you browse from and demand the rate in your specific region. (Flight websites are the same, but you can also find deals on them with a VPN.)


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