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Facing Fears & Traveling Around The World...

I've been living abroad and traveling the world off and on for more than six years, hopping on planes, touching down in countries with cultures different from (and in many ways the same as) the one in which I was raised, eating (strange) foreign foods, doing research on the documents needed to enter (or exit) a country properly, being invited to peoples' homes around the world the first day I meet them, and more.
 The truth is: it takes a certain kind of disposition to be able to do this.  I remember a friend of mine saying — some years back — that this kind of living ain't for everybody: exploring country to country, sometimes living out of one's backpack, other times becoming a resident, perhaps in one of the most homogeneous and innovative countries in the world — South Korea — as an ESL teacher, or maybe even writing or working via one's laptop on three continents in one year.

But, for my generation, it's pretty common. Millenials travel and explore the world at increasing rate, perhaps mainly because we perceive the world as more connected and accessible than any generation prior. And many of us don't care about going it alone. And the digital nomad community is growing steadily. And brands like Travel Noire and Nomadness are shedding dope light on the black travel movement that has been brewing for years.

And to think, back in 2010, while people were traveling and living all around the world, I was back in a cubicle in Los Angeles working a less-than-fulfilling job, basically unaware of this alternative reality.  What I did have, however, was a burning desire for something more.


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