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British-born Nigerian ECKOES is both a sharp-sighted futurist and a nostalgic sentimentalist. In her music and her listening habits (she's an avowed fan of both James Blake and Lionel Richie) she straddles the line between cutting-edge textures and soulful pop hooks.  


From London, England, we have been given the positive and empower track. Human, by Eckoes.  Human is an uptempo track laced with R & B, funk, and electronica the combination of all these different styles of music do make this a danceable song for all to enjoy.


What Eckoes delivers in a pure, clear voice is a powerful message that mentions Mother Theresa, Malcolm X, and Gandhi.  The song is like a conversation with themselves that they are sharing with their audience.  This track is worth listening and feeling too. - Andrew Scott  

 To hear more from this artist:  Eckoes at Soundcloud 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/iameckoes/human

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ iameckoes

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ iameckoes

Twitter:       https://twitter.com/iameckoes

Website:      https://www.iameckoes.com

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Keepin' Outta Trouble is Rory Block's sixth release in her "Mentor Series" that salutes the blues masters who've had a profound impact on her music. This time she pays tribute to Bukka White, one of the most influential country blues artists in history. Rory Block's, Keepin'' Outta Trouble, is a passionate tribute to the legendary Bukka White, a highly influential country, and blues artist.

After hearing the three recordings, you can feel the homey touch these tracks have been given and presented to us.  This is especially true in the vocals as Rory Block has kept the arrangements simple while relying on a simple guitar sound.   There is a high energy feel throughout the recordings with gospel-like harmonies of Bukka's Day, the mischievousness of Keepin Out Of Trouble. 

The true emotion of her voice presents itself in the track, Parchman Farm Blues, as well as Rory Block's excellent acoustic guitar playing which is a treat on all tracks.  Rory Block's Keepin' Out Of Trouble is a great introduction to not only herself as a musician but also to the roots of Bukka White. - Andrew Scott






KeepinOutofTroubleRory Block's Keepin' Out Of Trouble gets a - Three foot stomps out of five. 

To listen and decide for yourself:  Keepin Outta Trouble








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