"A Global Movement of Positive Energy!"
Written by

Undeniable Karine Polwart!       


karinpolwartsmListening to Scottish singer-songwriter Karine Polwart's music transports the mind and heart to the autumnal woods, smelling the leaves and hearing nightingales sing. Her music is spellbinding both in the songwriting craft and the delivery.

She is undeniably among the Folk inspirations of her generation proving that what matters is not at what time you come to the craft but the passion that resonates within yourself and onto your audience. A mix of style, wit, honesty, Celtic authenticity and spirituality, she is the voice and the muse to the heart that seeks truths, thirsts for answers, and looks for the words to both the beauty (e.g. birth) and the ugliness (e.g. wars and injustice) of the reality that surrounds us daily.

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