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 Her clear musical talent is underpinned by a musical pedigree...


It is easy to categorize Carla Bruni as a face and body with a higher than average ability to hang make-up and clothes. It might even be easier to identify her in relationship to her passage in the French white house or to her aristocratic background. However, under music, all humans are equal and it is the color she brings to the rainbow of music that is here of interest. 

 Her clear musical talent is underpinned not only by a musical pedigree (her father is a composer and a pianist) but by her own musical influences (ranging from The Beatles to Bob Dylan) and her ability to uniquely stamp her melodies by doing Folk with an air of Chanson while mixing it with various genres and retaining a certain musical simplicity. The understated elegance of her music is reflected in its minimalist instrumentation and her effortlessly smoky (literally even) voice, resembling the characteristic breathy voices of French female music artists of a previous generation, yet unique, sounding more like a whisper than a sung lyric. The lyrics occupy a center stage, typical in French chanson but also highlighted in her rendition of some beautifully crafted English poems.

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1 youn3 zoomsmHer remarkable vocal prowess have earned Korean songstress Youn Sun Nah admiration and recognition around the world. Her ability to sing songs ranging from Jazz to Classic through Folk and Fusion with emotion, traversing the vocal spectrum effortlessly reaches the extent where she’s not just another vocalist, she’s a musical instrument.

She started with a strong musical heritage (her father is a music conductor and her mother a musical actress), progressed with working at a joint concert collaborating with the Korean Symphony Orchestra and enahnced it studying Jazz and French Chanson at the legendary CIM Jazz School as well as the National Music Institute of Beauvais and the Nadia and Lili Boulanger Conservatoire.

She has now gone around the world and back to perform at the most prestigious musical festival from the USA (Jazz at Lincoln Center) and Canada (TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival) to South Korea (Jarasum International Jazz Festival) and Indonesia (Java Jazz Festival) through Germany (Klangvokal Musikfestival), France (Printemps de Bourges) and Finland (Pori Jazz) to list a very few.

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