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Alberta and Chuan Leong of Pitch Feather www.pitchfeather.com

A Singapore duo that found the formula to Indie Blue Rock

 Pitch Feather is the delightful vocals of Alberta Leong and the superb instrument skills of husband Chuan on songs written by these two inspired artists. The band hails from Singapore and serves a nice mix of folk, indie, rock and rock shortened to "indie blue rock".

From the lovely new folk ballad Elderflower to the epic and aptly-named Painter's Symphony through pop rock Lavender Girl and the light and playful melody of indie pop track Usual Day, the couple takes their audience through the human journey on their album Mountains and Tides, almost summarising the experience in the track The Odyssey.

Here and there, epic guitar riffs, subtle melismas, choir-type harmonies, even Celtic vibrato and a number of other surprising musical enchantments find themselves on the album that make you doubt at every new musical twist, that this LP is a DIY artistic project created by a Singaporean couple at the back of their house as a side project and in their spare time.

The couple shows a variety of artistic merit but does not hesitate to invite guest artists to complete their dreams. Noted particularly are the guest guitar performances of Roy Soh on “Usual Day” and “Lonely Ivory Tower”, Alfred Chen on “Wish I Could”, Daniel Sassoon on “The Odyssey” and Adam Quek on “Lavender Girl”. Matthew Gray (Matthew Gray Mastering in Brisbane) mastered the album while Clarence Aw. did the band photography.

Their own signature is in the songwriting of course and the album cover photography. In addition, the art direction, design, and production were done by Alberta Leong and the recording and mixing done by Chuan himself.

Alberta and Chuan have also released a couple of seasonal singles and we have no doubt that they will be gracing our waves with new melodies soon, or at least we do hope so. Since Mountains and Tides was recorded from November 2011 to July 2013, we are gently expecting something to come along around 2016-17 ;).


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