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Expressing the Purity, Innocence and Energy of Children...  



It can somehow be debilitating that genius is late if at all recognised especially when it has the unique ability to unravel life enigmas and present them as another simple and natural event. It is the talent that Kazakh composer and pianist Korlan possesses and generously shares with the world. What seems to us as a melodic bridge between life secrets and our emotional response to it is merely her way of expressing, as she says herself, “the purity, innocence and energy” of “children, animals and nature”.

When you have her advanced composing and piano skills, you could be ‘limited’ to what music theory and practice have to offer. However when you add to that her natural talent as well as her great sensitivity and closeness to nature, you end up with evocative and powerful melodies as only she can serve in each of her piano pieces.

Korlan’s portfolio has it all, breadth, depth, it moves you within, moves you without. Her own personality weaves around each key and chord to print a timeless legacy of breathtaking moments and emotional observations set in impeccable and exquisite music and fuelled by her love for humanity. Human emotions find their resonance, from childhood feelings to adult emotions and the language of music rekindles with humanity at its core, as it suddenly becomes accessible, even familiar.

Korlan's legacy outlives her, with a project currently starting to revive it and raise awareness in it to ensure that the world knows about her music. One of the projects is to put on music sheets her oeuvres, with orchestral accompaniments for some of them.   She also worked with different artists to give additional dimensions to her work and this will be reflected in this endeavour. If you are interested in finding out more, please join her mailing list on her website at


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