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Renee Suzanne


I'm Renée Suzanne, a coach for smart successful women who want to find love. They’re frustrated with dating and just want to meet the right guy. I support them through the dating process so that they can have the loving relationship they’ve always dreamed of.

I love to help women open up to the possibility of living their dreams. I help them to see what they are capable of, to see their own awesomeness.

So many of us dream of finding love, but it seems to elude us. We think we have to be someone we’re not, play games or settle for someone who treats us poorly.

After an early marriage to escape a difficult home life, I became a young mother. My husband passed away a few years later and I spent many years as a single mother of four children.

I tried online dating, singles groups, makeovers, professional photos, joining gyms, fix-ups, going to church, walking my dog around and talking to people, but the guys I wanted didn’t know I was alive. Exhausted and bitter, I gave up for many years.

After the kids grew up, I moved from the suburbs to the city and decided to try again. I went back to online dating, but it was more exhausting than fun. It felt emotionally draining to have all those men passing through my life. I just wanted to find someone to settle down with.

I had a moment of truth after getting my heart broken for about the 150th time. I had been considering giving up, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Instead, I bought myself a ring, looked at myself in the mirror as I placed it on my finger and promised myself I would figure it out one way or another. I was going to have love in my life and that was that. I still wear that ring every day.

What Do Mayonnaise and Love have in Common?

Sep 19 Written by  Renee Suzanne

Recently, due to unforeseen circumstances, I found myself attempting to make homemade mayonnaise for the very first time in my life. Anyone who has ever attempted such a feat knows that this is no easy task. You need to incorporate an entire cup of oil into a single egg yolk without it separating into an unappetizing gloppy mess.

 I didn't have a bowl that was ideally shaped for the situation, so I was forced to improvise, ultimately changing bowls three times. I switched back and forth between a hand mixer and a wire whisk at different points in the process. More than once, some of it splattered on my shirt. I needed to pour the oil slowly, in the thinnest stream possible with frequent breaks while simultaneously tilting the bowl because it was too wide at the bottom for the task at hand. Finally, I asked my son for help. It went much better with assistance. We ended up with top quality mayonnaise and all was well.

What does this have to do with finding love?

Be persistent. It was a holiday, the stores were closed and we needed mayonnaise to make deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are sacred in our family. I didn't think that mayonnaise would be very difficult to make, but it was. Once embroiled in the process, I had to decide whether or not to see it through. Some questioned my sanity for attempting to make the mayonnaise in the first place, rather than simply borrowing some from a neighbor or attempting to make deviled eggs without it.

In the process of finding the love of your life, you may encounter difficulties and setbacks. Others may not approve, you may consider giving up. Don't. Just don't. Try different things. I went through three different bowls, a wire whisk, hand mixer, and had to throw out the first batch. Despite changing bowls, utensils and being splattered, I was determined to be successful. There will be times when you will need to eexit your comfort zone. Many of them. What haven't you tried yet? What could you try again? Could just a minor tweak make a difference? What have you absolutely refused to try? Try that.

Ask for help. Did you notice that's the last thing I did? I'm a very independent woman. I absolutely loathe asking for help. Sometimes I need to though. We all do. I could never have made the mayonnaise under those circumstances without a third hand. I was improvising and didn't have the right bowl. It just wasn't going to happen. Once I got help, we were off to the races.

Getting some assistance on your journey to love can vastly improve your experience. An outside perspective can save you so much time, shorten your learning curve and help you succeed where you may be failing.

If you're on a search for love and it's taking longer than you'd like, consider these things. You've got a lot more than mayonnaise at stake.


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