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Renee Suzanne


I'm Renée Suzanne, a coach for smart successful women who want to find love. They’re frustrated with dating and just want to meet the right guy. I support them through the dating process so that they can have the loving relationship they’ve always dreamed of.

I love to help women open up to the possibility of living their dreams. I help them to see what they are capable of, to see their own awesomeness.

So many of us dream of finding love, but it seems to elude us. We think we have to be someone we’re not, play games or settle for someone who treats us poorly.

After an early marriage to escape a difficult home life, I became a young mother. My husband passed away a few years later and I spent many years as a single mother of four children.

I tried online dating, singles groups, makeovers, professional photos, joining gyms, fix-ups, going to church, walking my dog around and talking to people, but the guys I wanted didn’t know I was alive. Exhausted and bitter, I gave up for many years.

After the kids grew up, I moved from the suburbs to the city and decided to try again. I went back to online dating, but it was more exhausting than fun. It felt emotionally draining to have all those men passing through my life. I just wanted to find someone to settle down with.

I had a moment of truth after getting my heart broken for about the 150th time. I had been considering giving up, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Instead, I bought myself a ring, looked at myself in the mirror as I placed it on my finger and promised myself I would figure it out one way or another. I was going to have love in my life and that was that. I still wear that ring every day.

Does He Really Love You?

Oct 04 Written by  Renee Suzanne

You've been together for a while and you're beginning to wonder how he feels. You know that you really care about him. Should you go all in? If you're looking for true love then you want to know that the other person shares your feelings. How can you be sure?

While there are no iron-clad guarantees, it's a pretty safe bet that if he loves you, he'll prioritize you, make sure you feel safe and tell you how he feels.  When a man is falling in love with you, you'll be a priority to him. He'll want you to meet his friends and family members. You'll be spending a significant amount of time together and communicating every day.  Someone who loves you cares about your feelings and treats you with respect. He'll want to know all about you and do things for you. You'll be one of his favorite people. 

A man who loves you wants to make you happy. He's willing to go out of his way to do so because you're important to him. He doesn't only show up when it's convenient for him or after he's done with whatever else he's got going on.  If he loves you, he will want you to feel safe and happy, and to know that you can count on him.

A man in love doesn't drop off the map, forget to call his girlfriend for days or leave her wondering where she stands. If he loves you, you'll know where you stand. He will make sure.  Actions speak louder than words and you definitely want to be with someone who treats you well. That said, a man who loves you will eventually tell you so.  He may not declare it from the rooftops or tell you every single day, but he will tell you. This may take longer than the actions part so give it some time. Many guys take the speaking of the "L" word out loud very seriously, so if he's treating you like a queen but hasn't said the words yet it's not necessarily a cause for concern.

Someone who truly loves you will let you know with his actions right away and eventually with his words as well.  We all need and deserve to have true love in our lives, so if someone has left you wondering abouthis true feelings, check in with yourself about his actions and his words. Has he made you a priority? Do you feel safe in the relationship?  If the answer is no, it may be time to move on to a better situation. Ask a friend, coach or family member to help you sort it out if you need to, but make sure that you're honest with yourself.  Give yourself the gift of true love by not settling for anything less in your life.


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