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Katherine Waddell's Elephant in the Room



There's an Elephant in the Room!


If you missed "Women On The Rise" Program this past Wednesday you missed listening to two dynamic women; Katherine Waddell and Lisa Hatfield.  Katherine Waddell, started her career at This Needs To Be Said Media, Inc. in 2009. She transitioned to her company after exiting the school system deciding that her classroom would be the radio audience. She offers her clients a platform to market their business as a commentator through her training and coaching program. She has been called upon by her clients for accountability, business advice, and mentorship.

She is considered as one of the most influential media personalities in the Radio and Broadcasting business.   She is often called the next "Kathy Hughes" in the Communication industry, because of her determination and will to make her business thrive. Not only did Ms. Waddell not quit, but she grew her profitability by 125% percent. She works with national brands to bring awareness and recognition to her clients. She has launched the careers of new artist, authors, actors, coaches, and speakers using her expansive networks and expertise in radio and television.

Donya Zimmerman



Cover Your Ass...ets!


Donya Zimmerman is the principle owner of Family & Community Mediation and Business Consulting. Donya has over 15 years of experience as a legal professional. She was an attorney for over 10 years practicing in the following areas of law: family, bankruptcy, juvenile, business, foreclosures defense, and contract. Now she has decided to dedicate her career to assisting individuals with starting their own business, starting their own non-profit organization, and small businesses with reorganization and development growth.

As a business consultant, Donya assists individuals with business formation, ensuring their business is properly registered as a legal entity (Inc., LLC, S-Corp, etc.), and assist businesses with completing their certification (WOSB, MBE, DBE, etc.) to bid for government contracts. As a mediator, Donya provides mediation services to the public (individuals, businesses, churches, and community organizations) to resolve disputes in a safe and stress-free environment. Also, Donya assists churches and community organizations with setting up their own mediation programs.

Donya Zimmerman is also a contributing writer to the Maryland Daily Examiner Newspaper. Donya Zimmerman has made article contributions to the Simply Inspirational Women in Business Journal for 2014 published by Dr. Cheryl Cottle. Donya is also a public speaker and aspiring author. S he has a few books in the works that will be published and released in the latter part of 2015. The books will focus on entrepreneurship, small business, and daily devotionals.

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