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Emmanuel Jal: Hip Hop to Save a Country


I just want to say my name is Emmanuel Jal. And I come from a long way. I've been telling a story that has been so painful for me. It's been a tough journey for me, traveling the world, telling my story in form of a book. And also telling it like now. And also, the easiest one was when I was doing it in form of a music.

So I have branded myself as a war child. I'm doing this because of an old lady in my village now, who has lost her children. There is no newspaper to cover her pain, and what she wants to change in this society. And I'm doing it for a young man who wants to create a change and has no way to project his voice because he can't write. Or there is no Internet, like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, for them to talk.

Also, one thing that kept me pushing this story, this painful stories out, the dreams I have, sometimes, is like the voices of the dead, that I have seen would tell me, "Don't give up. Keep on going." Because sometimes I feel like stopping and not doing it because I didn't know what I was putting myself into.

Well, I was born in the most difficult time when my country was at war. I saw my village burned down. The world that meant a lot to me, I saw it vanish in my face. I saw my aunt in rape when I was only five. My mother was claimed by the war. My brothers and sisters were scattered. And up to now, me and my father were detached and I still have issues with him. Seeing people die every day, my mother crying, it's like I was raised in a violence. And that made me call myself a war child.

And not only that, when I was eight I became a child soldier.

I didn't know what was the war for. But one thing I knew was an image that I saw that stuck in my head. When I went to the training camp I say, "I want to kill as many Muslims, and as many Arabs, as possible." The training wasn't easy, but that was the driving force because I wanted to revenge for my family. I wanted to revenge for my village.
Luckily now things have changed because I came to discover the truth. What was actually killing us wasn't the Muslims, wasn't the Arabs. It was somebody sitting somewhere manipulating the system, and using religion to get what they want to get out of us, which is the oil, the diamond, the gold and the land. So realizing the truth gave me a position to choose: should I continue to hate, or let it go?

Unleashing the Powerful Potential of Women

Africa's Goodwill Ambassador is an Encourager of Women and Girls!


Catching up with Justina Mutale is not an easy feat. Almost on a daily basis, she is doing something to impact change in the world; whether it is attending the responsibilities of being Africa's Goodwill Ambassador, encouraging women around the world, or adding new models to her Positive Runway Project, a global effort to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

This inspirational and international speaker was named one of Europe's "Top 20 Inspirational African Diaspora Business Women of 2014," and this busy philanthropist shows no signs of slowing down, and her passion for inspiring women is a daily goal of hers. Vertikal Magazine talked to Justina about her passion and how she unleashes the potential in women and girls.

In Avant Garde magazine Justina Mutale said, for Women achievements during the month of March. "I think our achievements should be a focus all year round. We celebrate those women who have taken the world on, women who make things happen, women who have that captivating beauty and strength of personality that embraces life in all its endless variety: Women who have transformed their own lives and the lives of others through their hard work, guts, and acts of compassion. And we celebrate the hundreds, if not thousands or even millions of women around the world who have made the world a kinder and fairer place with their brilliant personalities, ideas, and achievements." – Avant Garde Magazine April 2014.

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