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Micki Esposito's Blissful Journey


A Life of Blissful Journeys...


My life has been a blissful journey; one of great enlightenment and discovery!I remember my first visit to Atlanta; organizing the Annual Legislative Black Caucus Dinner being held at a prestigious five-star hotel and ...my boss, a Senator and the Chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus. After attending this spectacular event; I returned to my hotel suite and standing on the balcony and thought; "wow, I really need to be here – here in this city of vast opportunities".

To make a long story short; I relocated to Metropolitan Atlanta, with three small children after my divorce. Seeking to rebuild my life, experience various opportunities and most importantly, giving my children – stability.

In the last 20+years, my career has placed me in some of the most interesting & powerful environments; in the position of Chief of Staff for various Fortune 500 CEO's. Here is where I learned the true meaning of Diplomacy and the Art of Negotiation. There is no Ivy League School that offers the lessons I learned in this closed environment; I was a sponge. Once my children began entering college; I reached an impasse in my life and wanted to experience, simply, something different. Upon returning from sabbatical in Martha's Vineyard; I immediately enrolled in real estate school. This is it, I thought! I resigned from my "job" and entered into the wonderful world of real estate sales.

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