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Women On The Rise with Host Celeste Duckworth and featuring CEO/Author Janine Hernandez of Phoenix Arizona. Janine is a young woman who grew up in a loving family with a mother who owned several businesses that empowered Janine at a very young age with the thought that she could achieve her dreams. She is also the Author of, "Through My Eyes!" Through hard-work, several challenges and making sacrifices Janine has become a successful entrepreneur, author, and mother.  The mission of Purpose Driven Initiatives is   to be the light that helps develop your purpose in life and their vision  is to be the catalyst that the pushes you to your destination

What is the best and worst decision you've ever made?

Worst decision I ever made was put my life on hold for a man who had no intention of moving forward, someone stagnant. Seeing their false "potential" Best decision- overcoming that situation with full force and finally going after my dreams!   

how did that push you or the lessons to push you toward business?

Well, because I was waiting on him I also became stagnant. Finally closing that door allowed me to realize my own potential. I no longer wanted to be held back. I also wanted to prove to myself that all the negative things he brainwashed me into thinking that I couldn't do, I actually Indeed could do it. I immediately finished my book, opened up my business and had my first women's event within 2 months after the breakup. I have been nonstop since then

What was your dream job as a kid and why?

My dream job as a kid was to work for a French company that allowed me to travel to Paris and other countries worldwide. I always was attracted to Paris and traveling. It has always been a passion of mine so I always thought if I could make money while traveling at their expense then I'd do it! Guess where I am working now?

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

I think the most significant barrier to female leadership is OURSELVES. A lot of times we hold ourselves back. When we get a promotion we don't ask for that extra monetary increase, or we are afraid to stand up and execute. In business and leadership, I have learned it's ok to take action and ask for forgiveness later. Just go for it!

 What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

The biggest challenge for women behind us is the balance of work life balance. We have entered an age where entrepreneurship and owning multiple businesses are up and rising.

What do you want to leave to the future generation of young women?

What I want to leave for the future women is, follow your passion and don't wait or let fear hold you back. I always knew what I wanted to do in life and I now wish I would've started 10 years ago.  Thank you, Janine, for taking the time to answers our questions.  There is a generation of women who need to be empowered and inspired to pursue their passions.  



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 Janine Hernandez can be reached at - Purpose Driven Initiatives

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CS Duckworth

Celeste S. Duckworth is the Publisher of VertiKal MagaZine and the CEO/Co-Founder of the, Women On The Rise Program featured on VertiKal Bistro Radio, where women give real-talk about the Challenges, Successes, and give Valuable advice about their businesses or about pursuing their passions.

A very prolific writer with six published poems and two books, "It's You," a collection of Love Poems, and "The Lucy Project," a Science Fiction Thriller that takes place in the near future. One poem, "An Oasis in the Desert," has been published on the Maryvale Community Pool House in Phoenix, Arizona.

Born and raised in California she loves to travel and has lived abroad in Ireland for a few years. Asked where she gets her inspiration to write she said, "Sometimes it could be a conversation, something I see or just meditating. The poems or the stories just come, and it helps to have a vivid imagination!'

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