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Lisa Hatfield is Inspired by Inspiration!

Written by  Monica Roe



Inspired by the Inspirational!


Growing up in rural Kansas, LR Hatfield could often be found reading VC Andrews' books, or pulling a Nancy Drew or Hardy boys mystery from her bookshelf. Watching her grandma read Harlequin Romances and her parents read Louis L'amour book. She even picked a few of those stories up and read them.  After having her first child she obtained her bachelor's degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Shortly after finishing her degree, she had two more children. 

In addition to being an author, LR Hatfield is employed with a non-profit organization that is focused on the care of the elderly, but she holds onto the dream of a full-time career writing novels. Recently she started a spiritual business, Angel Signs 111. This business assists with guiding individuals to their dreams through angel card readings and angel interpretations.

The most recent book LR Hatfield has published is Diamond Murders. A murder mystery in which the main character, Daisy attempts to rebuild herself and her business after becoming homeless. Gavin, a police officer, investigating a murder outside of Daisy's tent, discovers Daisy has diamonds. He advises her to use the diamonds to start over. As Daisy rebuilds her life, there are murders and diamonds are burned in the bodies. Secrets and lies become revealed about the people Daisy loves, including her own mother.


The most recent book LR Hatfield is working on is Wheat Murders to be released soon. Wheat Murders is a murder mystery set in the small town of Willowsy. Captain Baird and his two deputies, Todd Domme and Rick Keens set out to find the person murdering people and dumping the bodies in the wheat fields. While working on the investigation, Todd Domme has his own secret. His dangerous and mentally ill sister, Miranda, is to be locked away in the State Hospital due to an agreement dating back 20 years.

The hospital discharges her because they are running out of room to serve the mentally ill and her trust fund is quickly depleting. Todd brought her home and locked her in a room, thinking this was for the best. Miranda escapes from the house during a storm. Todd Domme has to reveal to his captain that he was hiding her. In the midst of trying to solve murders, look for a dangerous mentally ill woman, a storm rolls in, and floods the town.

You can hear more of our interview on Women On The Rise Program with Katherine Waddell and Lisa Hatfield as they share their Challenges, What Success means to them and their advice for other Women On The Rise!


All of LR Hatfield's books can be found in paperback and Ebook on Amazon. - Links to contact LR Hatfield - Twitter: @lrhatfield
Facebook, you can send a friend request to LR Hatfield - Blog: https://passionateorganizations.blogspot.com


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