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Denise Pereira Santos: Mother and an Actress

Written by  R. Trent



Balancing Motherhood and Acting!


Hispanic Actress Denise Pereira was born and raised in Miami, Florida from parents of Ecuador and Colombia. After being cast in a local furniture commercial at 15, she discovered she had a true love for acting. While attending college for Special Education, she also registered for drama courses.

Denise, is a fluent Spanish speaker and has over 10 years of acting and modeling experience. She is also trained in improvisation and on-camera acting. Denise is best known as the female translator for SpanishDict.com. She did voice-over and videos translating over 5,000-word entries and phrases.

Denise has worked on several television shows, feature films, & independent films. She has also worked on various modeling projects. Most recently, she wrapped a project with Pur Minerals working on their Skin Care line.  A bit of my background...first and foremost I am a mother to three children (twin toddler boys, Luca/Sam & an 8-year-old daughter, Sophia) and wife to a loving husband of three years. I am Hispanic, fluent in Spanish with parents from Ecuador and Colombia, but born in Miami, FL.

My educational background is in the field of Special Education, where at the age of 18, I gained a passion for working with children with special needs in all capacities and age ranges. And still do it to this day, I am always contributing to the causes as much as I can. Today, however, I call myself an Actress by trade.

Also acting from a young age, I developed a love for the art and stayed involved with independent films and was cast in many extra roles on Burn Notice. Once, our family made the move to Atlanta, the new Hollywood of the South, my career took off! Within a few months of moving here, I was cast as the on going, on camera female translator for www.SpanishDict.com.

Via this website, I did voice-over and on-camera work translating 5,000+ word entries. Next up, was BET's The Game, Neighborhood Watch, The Marriage Counselor, & House of Payne, as well as a featured role on Necessary Roughness. Just recently, I was cast as "Sarah" in the movie "Before You See God" and "Silence" in a female leading role. All of this I've accomplished so far with not only my belief in God but also my capabilities and the many, many classes with the very talented teachers that worked with me. But, this is only the beginning for me, I couldn't do any of it without the support of my family, my husband who supports in every direction and a mother that will forever think I am the most talented.

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