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The Fear Whisperer Krylyn Peters

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You can't get rid of fear but you can tame it!


With a passion for teaching, Krylyn began speaking to audiences in 2003 and routinely speaks on topics such as overcoming fear, using music, sound, and songwriting for healing, and self-care. She has spoken at events hosted by the American Counseling Association, Southwestern School for Behavioral Health Studies, Magellan Health Services of Arizona, Value Options of Arizona, Arizona Counselors Association, etc.

She has also been interviewed on multiple Blog Talk Radio shows and various podcasts. Krylyn is the founder and host of the "Creativity and Wellness Summit," an annual online event where she interviews experts in various disciplines on how they use creative methods to help people heal.

Through her own healing journey over the last 25+ years and the work she has done with clients, Krylyn discovered a lot about how to help others move past the barriers to happiness and success, including:

1. There is no "one size fits all" approach to healing, that some tools and techniques work for some of us and not others.
2. Healing is not a one-time event but rather an ongoing process.
3. Profound healing often comes from small and subtle shifts in our perspective.
4. Creativity is the cornerstone of all healing.
5. You cannot wait for things to be "perfect" in order to feel calm.
6. There's always something to be grateful for.
7. Suffering is optional.
8. Every experience, every disappointment, every betrayal, every hurt prepares us, strengthens our voice, and brightens our light.
9. Greatness cannot emerge without preparation.

I'm intimately familiar with fear. It's crept up in every significant event and area in my life. From surviving a family torn apart by alcoholism, undiagnosed mental illness, abuse, neglect, and divorce. To surviving a near fatal and quite rare auto-immune disease. To getting married...and divorced. To being on welfare and near bankruptcy. To raising a child with Asperser's Syndrome on my own. To getting my graduate degree. To re-careering...TWICE. To starting my own business. To walking away from a prestigious career as a psychotherapist.

Since we often teach what we most need to learn, I set off on a quest to tame my own fear. I was tired of allowing fear to hold me captive.
As I studied about fear, got some kick ass support, and took a long, hard look at my own life, I realized some pretty awesome truths:

• Fear lets us know where the edges of our passion lie. If there's no fear behind it, it's not worth pursuing.
• Profound healing often comes from small and subtle shifts in our perspective rather than huge epiphanies (although those are nice too).
• Healing is not a one-time event but rather an ongoing process. HINT: It's always about the process, not the outcome.
• Fear accompanies change and when harnessed well can actually skyrocket you faster and farther than you ever dreamed possible.
• Creativity is the cornerstone of all healing.
• Change is so much easier with support...the RIGHT KIND of support that challenges you and stretches you inside-out and beyond your comfort zone.
• There is greatness in everyone. It's just waiting to be acknowledged and let out of its cage.

I'm an author, speaker, coach, and singer/songwriter. I'm also a former psychotherapist, which gives me an edge in understanding human behavior and motivation. I am highly intuitive and have a way of helping people navigate out of the stuckness that holds them back and propel them into life-changing, positive action.

My passion is helping people tame their fears and get out of their own damn way so they can embrace their greatness, in life and in business.
I believe we all have a calling, which typically emerges from intense personal challenges.  As "The Fear Whisperer," I know what has held me back, and still holds me back sometimes. And there's a special place in my heart for those who, like me, have struggled with fear...because I know what it's like.

Are you ready to change your relationship with fear and let your greatness out to play?    I would love the opportunity to help you get out of your own damn way!

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CS Duckworth

Celeste S. Duckworth is the Publisher of VertiKal MagaZine and the CEO/Co-Founder of the, Women On The Rise Program featured on VertiKal Bistro Radio, where women give real-talk about the Challenges, Successes, and give Valuable advice about their businesses or about pursuing their passions.

A very prolific writer with six published poems and two books, "It's You," a collection of Love Poems, and "The Lucy Project," a Science Fiction Thriller that takes place in the near future. One poem, "An Oasis in the Desert," has been published on the Maryvale Community Pool House in Phoenix, Arizona.

Born and raised in California she loves to travel and has lived abroad in Ireland for a few years. Asked where she gets her inspiration to write she said, "Sometimes it could be a conversation, something I see or just meditating. The poems or the stories just come, and it helps to have a vivid imagination!'

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